Oh, well if your mom said it, it must be true then.

It it fun playing the victim?

Are you???

Doesn’t the US get criticised on the international stage for being TOO much on the side of Israel, to the point of ignoring the country’s flaws and misdemeanours?

Kol hakavod. It still has a WAY higher proportion of Muslims in the population than the US. Unless you plan on never interacting with anyone outside of your social circle, it’s not a good place to go if you want to avoid Muslims. Your thought process is that to avoid Muslims, you want to leave the US - where Muslims account for ~2% of the general population - to go to Israel. Where Muslims are about ~16% of the population. Not only that, but the US is an immense country and Muslims tend to be concentrated in small areas. Israel is a tiny country with a densely packed population, and Muslims are all over the place.

Your logic is wacky.

ETA: p.s. are you my bubbe? This totally sounds like something she would say. But she’s 93.

Um, that’s just not true.

Who is giving Islam a pass?


She was a first generation American, and was the daughter of victims of oppression in Eastern Europe. Don’t think that history never repeats itself.

Jews are safer in the US than they are in Israel right now. Much safer.

St. Louis, St. Louis . . . nope, doesn’t ring a bell. Was he Jewish?

The left wing is always crapping on Israel and defending Islam. I lean left in everything polticial, but because I am a backer of Israel, I can’t call myself anything but a Sean Hannity shill, beings a Pro-Israeli.

I believe she’s referring to the so-called Voyage of the Damned. A tragic event, all around, but how that proves Jews are going to be wiped off the map today?
(At least that’s what I’M getting out of her rantings.)

Well I, for one, am going to celebrate “giving Islam a pass” tonight.

The guy at the store by my house didn’t give me enough change, but since I think he was Muslim, I didn’t say a word. It’s fun to give Islam a pass!

The SS St. Louis

In fact, I vote Democratic, I am pro just about everything that Obama has stood for; but I’d like to see more social programs, not less, meals for kids who are going without in this economy, I’m for universal healthcare, I want to see fulll employment, and taxation of the richest of us, yet, because I am Pro-Israeli and have family over there, my vote doesn’t count for Jack-shit and everyone is so hot to to toss Israel under a bus, for the sake of Egypt now, with friends like this, who needs enemies?

Funny, he doesn’t *look *Jewish.

Please name the political party that both tolerates anti-Semitism and wins elections in the US.

Your loss. If and when I ever visit Israel, I intend to make hanging with Muslims a priority. Would be fascinating to pick their brains on the Israeli Muslim experience.

Oh, too easy. I’ll kick it off with Hindu Nationalists in India and evangelical Christians in Uganda - anyone else want to add to the list?

I think she meant that all the Wide Receivers in the Super Bowl right now are Muslim.

The GOP has already called for a cessation of ALL aid to Israel, Rand Paul, Tea Baggers and they are using financial problems as a reason to cut aid to Israel.

No, they are from Samoa, Polamalu anyway.

America appears to have been more friendly and beneficial to jewish people than any other country on earth (apart from Israel, of course ).
One small problem occurs with jewish demographics in that they never seem to like the host populations much. And prefer the hosts’ majority cultures weakened in order to prevent such persecution of their people as has happened elsewhere.

The USA is unlikely to turn on jewish people, nor on Israel: but if events wipe out American power ( as may happen to any major power even, say China or India if enough of them died from a new plague ) and/or diminish the post-protestant christian influence in America, I should not think the prospects for jews will be very good in a muslim or Chinese dominated world, nor would there be many places to go next en masse.

Ashen, you are an idiot and a bigot.
Seriously, shut the fuck up and go away.


Oh, and as long as I’m at it:

This is fucking stupid too. “Host” populations? We haven’t officially divided nations into their “real” citizens and the Jews since the dark days of the early 20th century. It’s not a choice between being German and Jewish anymore. And no, Jews don’t nefariously try to weaken their “host” nations culture so as to prevent persecution.
Good lord, is it too much to ask for a week or two to pass without some really striking religion or ethnic-based stupidity?