Today I went out and hugged a Muslim in your honor.

It was fun :slight_smile:

Thanks but no thanks. Muslims have attempted to destroy my Israeli family for years and it gets waring.

Plus, if Muslims keep up their anti-semetic screeds, I’ll have to move to Israel, also.

If AshenLady leaves, there will be many a dry eye…

You want to move to the Middle East to get away from Muslims?

You’re not particularly bright, are you?

Well, sure…Muslims hardly ever think of Israel. It’s one of their blindspots. So, if you are trying to get away from anti-Semitic screeds from Muslims, the best place to go would be Israel…

Er…ok. It’s a working theory. It’s still got some rough edges…


Are you very bright? I didn’t say I was going to move to Saudi Arabia, did I?

No one will defend a person who is Jewish yet, there are hundreds of pro-Muslim threads and posts.

It is politically correct to bad mouth Jews and approve of anti-semitism, but it’s a moral sin to take a Muslim to task, even if it’s about some of the most barbaric practices known to man.

Someday, when Jews are no longer welcome in the USA, you will have all the Muslims you can deal with, and you will have your hands full, oh yeah!!

Oh, they’re so cute when they’re loony!

Isn’t it great to live in America, where our foreign policy is aimed at snubbing the Jews so that we can get 100% behind the Muslims?

She is also hunted because she is a bleeding heart liberal, and you know what happens to them around these parts!



Wow. I, er, hadn’t realized Ashenlady was quite so odd. Even Sven, I share you distaste for Ashenlady’s views, but I’m just not a particularly “huggy” person. Could I play some videogames or something with a Muslim instead, on Ashenlady’s behalf?

No, there are hundreds of anti-Muslim threads that have some sanity injected into them by those of us who know that there is noting unique about Islam making its adherents violent, but the cultures they come from conveniently use Islam as the excuse for violence.

That’s a lie.

That, also, is a lie.

That’s not so much a lie, as it is an apparent symptom of delusional psychosis.

So, dumb, dishonest, and crazy. That’s a heck of a hat trick you just pulled off, there.

Dude, have you been to Israel? It is FULL of Muslims.

I lived in Jerusalem for a year in college. There were Muslims in my dorm, Muslims in my classes, I heard the call to prayer all the fucking time. It is not a good place to go if you want to get away from Muslims.

Just FYI.

I’ve been to Israel twice. I didn’t hang with Muslims.

My mother, rest in peace, said that someday, not in her time, but maybe in mine or her grandchildrens’, what happened in England, France, Spain, Russia and everywhere else on earth, Jews would be tossed out of the USA, just like the rest of the powers in their time.

I can see this happening.

No one else uses their religion as an excuse for violence, nor would it be tolerated, why so does Islam get a pass? People have all kinds of vendettas, but they don’t use their religion to give it credence, only Islam does. Issues and problems have driven people to violence, but only Muslims do so, as an excuse to incite violence.

Wow, you really are a deluded nut. It’s more likely that the Jews will be kicked out of Israel and will end up in the US.

Don’t worry; John, if you know your history, this could never, ever happen…remember the St. Louis?

Are you retarded?