Ask a muslim man

I’ve just spotted the “Ask a muslim woman” thread and for the sake of symmetry, I thought I’d start this one.

Some background about me: I’m a moroccan national, muslim by birth, 25 years old and have been living in the U.S for 3 years now.

Please keep in mind that I am not a Qur’an expert. Just a regular guy who happens to be muslim. Please forgive my ignorance in certain matters.

On the bright side, you may ask any kind of questions. No taboos here. I will try to answer all questions in the order they are posted.

What are your views on masturbation?

On altered states of consciousness? By whatever means i.e. legal or not, chemically induced or not…etc

It doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s pleasurable, it can act as a mild anesthetic and help with insomnia among other things. I view it favorably and practice it regularly.

This might be more of a cultural question than a religious one, but what are your views on the differences between Morocco and USA in women’s position in society?

Hmm, this is a very broad question. I’ve been thinking of how to answer it for 5 minutes now and I’m going to have to go with “it depends”. Personally, i’ve smoked hashich and pot before and probably will do in the future but i’m not a regular user (read: i never actually buy any). It’s kind of nice, music sounds better for a while then i fall asleep. If i’m with friends, some things become funnier, then I fall asleep :).

I asked my dentist to use laughing gas once and I liked it too. It was a bit pricey though so I don’t plan on repeating it.

I guess i don’t have any problems with altered states of consciousness per se. If you enjoy it and don’t harm yourself or others in the short and long terms, why not?

If this doesn’t answer your question, please break it down to more specific questions and i’ll give it another shot.

I’d have to write an essay to answer your question. Could you give me some examples so I have something to go on?

Personally, i believe in full equality of the sexes. Whether it’s social, economical or political. It’ll happen eventually in a few centuries I hope.

Sweden is the closest example of what an equalitarian society should look like in my opinion.

Given a clear choice, would you rather live in an Islamic state with sharia and religious police, or in a liberal democracy where Muslims are viewed with not a little suspicion?

Would you extend this choice to the residents of Kashmir?

If you were asked to recommend one book that explains Islam to westerners, which would it be?

That answers my question, thanks :slight_smile:

I only have superficial knowledge (which probably is at least partly mistaken) about gender relations in Morocco - and in US, for that matter - so I wasn’t looking for a very detailed answer, just a general gist.

Why do you hate America/Democracy/Freedom/shortshorts?

For heaven’s sake, Twist, was shitting in a perfectly good thread really that important to you?

What is your view on homosexuality, and whether you approve or disapprove, do you support equal rights for gay/lesbian/transgendered individuals?

Ok. I ask because Islamic scripture prohibits intoxication, or so I gather. True?

'kay. Here’s what I don’t get. If you’re not following the rules of your religion (as I understand it, anyway…no booze, etc.), why would you identify as a member of that religion? I’ve never understood. Is there a Muslim “Light”…you know… kind of the way Christianity goes with various flavors according to what you like?

No expert here, but I believe the prohibition from alcohol came about after a follower of Mohamed had such a drinking problem that it lead to him missing and forgetting his prayers. So alcohol became strictly prohibited. But other forms of ‘drug’ are a grey area if they do not interfere with the Muslim following the rules of Islam. I believe it also links in with the rules about food. Some things are bad for the soul and strictly forbidden (pork, alcohol, and a few other restrictions), others are bad for the body and so should not be used but are not a deadly sin (often tobacco is in this list), and the rest is fully allowed and halal.

Darn, I forgot to add my question.

Are you married? And would you consider marrying a non-muslim woman? Would your family be upset if you were to marry a non-muslim if she didn’t convert to Islam?

1- I’d rather live in a liberal democracy.

2- I’m not familiar with the history of that region but as far as i’m concerned, they can have a referendum and decide their own fate.

3- I wish i could help you there but i’ve never read any book about islam. I’m sure Tamerlane could recommend some.

I’m not sure what shortshorts are but i’m sure i’d hate them if i knew :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a hypocrit when it comes to homosexuality. I’ll socialize with gays and befriend them just as readily as I’d do with straights. I do support equal rights for them (adoption included). I support the concept of gay marriage but i’d rather see another word be used to describe it. If i have children that turn out to be gay, I’ll have a hard time accepting it though.

Do you believe that a woman’s first duty is to be a wife and a mother?

Do you believe that a woman who chooses not to be a wife and mother is deficient?

Is an inter-faith marriage something that you could accept, either for yourself or in general?

Do you agree or disagree with the covering of women, like the hijab or the burqa?