Thank you Muslim Guy; thank you Dopers.

I wish to acknowledge the amazing effort put forth by Muslim Guy in his ‘Ask Muslim Guy’ thread. I am extremely grateful for his time, kindness, consideration, and education. Thanks, Muslim Guy. You are one of the heroes that have emerged from this tragedy.

And thanks to the Dopers who responded with questions and input to the thread mentioned above. There is an wonderful lack of trolldom and attack mentality exhibited in the participation, rather a true desire to understand and reconcile. Thanks a lot, Dopers. This place rocks. I’m proud to be a Doper.

I too would like to thank the Muslim Guy (again) and ask where the heck did that thread go to anyways?

Let me echo my gratitude for this very informative thread, which can be found here.

I’ll chime in and say not only has Muslim Guy been extremely patient, he also has been extremely informative.