If you'd like to say Thank You to a specific Doper...

Hi SD,

I wanted to see if this idea could catch on.

As a loyal Straight Dope reader, I have learned a lot from the many experts on this wonderful website, as I’m sure you have too. This site is truly amazing. Any question can be answered by knowledgeable people in mere minutes. Good advice is shared, ignorance is fought, and we all are lucky to be in a place where we can learn, debate, commiserate, and laugh together.

It would brighten someone’s day if they knew that their knowledge was really helpful to someone.

I would like to invite fellow Dopers to share the names of posters who you would like to thank for whatever reason. ONLY POLITE AND SINCERE APPRECIATION PLEASE. I don’t want “Thanks for being a dick,” or the like.

To start, I would like to thank, among others, Senegoid, Chronos, Exapno Mapcase, Barkis is Willin’, Nava, Les Espaces Du Sommeil, Telemark, Trinopus, and runningcoach, in particular, for their thoughtful and informative contributions to the threads I have posted about music, language, and sports.

Anyone else want to thank someone? Start the New Year off with gratitude!

I’d like to thank LSLGuy for being an excellent poster in general.

Tamerlane for his historical insights. Sam Stone for putting up with far more shit than he deserves, and posting intelligently nonetheless. And Skald the Rhymer for hypotheticals and dessert recipes.

Others too numerous to mention.


Thanks to Gary T, Rick, GreasyJack and others for informative posts on automotive issues that I can understand as a layperson.
ETA: And I would like to thank Stealth Potato for a username that makes me smile.

Ascenray has got to be near the top of my list, as well as Rick, and elucidator, and all the people who answer me in GQ, and not to mention the people who helped me with my Java course a couple of years ago…oh so many!

Thanks to Cecil for all of the good times way back when. This was primarily off the board boondoggles, but he knows…he knows. :wink:

Thanks to **faithfool **for being on my side & being encouraging during thew few arguments I’ve had on here. And also for using the “like” feature in Tapatalk so I can see that there are other like-minded Dopers and not feel so bad about the world.

Thanks to Stranger On A Train for well written and clear explanations of complex topics.

I’d like to thank Happy Lendervedder for being such a tender and…thorough…lover, for over 25 years now.

Prof. Pepperwinkle has brightened my day many times with his always amiable and often witty postings.

We have folks who are very knowledgeable in all things physics. I’ve learned a lot from

Stranger on a Train
Machine Elf
Exapno Mapcase
Asympotically fat
Francis Vaughan

For political discussions, I’ve lerned a lot from Sam Stone and Bricker.

Great idea! I’ll add my thanks to my fellow countryman, Kambucta, she’s hilariously Aussie. I also love Rick’s posts, and if Johnny L.A.'s name is on it, I will click it.

**faithfool **, is one of my faves.

You guys are awesome! Never in a million years did I think I’d make a list like this, but now I’m grinning from ear to ear. Thank you and the feelings are mutual. Zipper, it’s because you’re not afraid to weigh in on topics that need a different perspective… we’re not all girly-girls, but we kick ass too. And I really appreciate your opinions on things like the gym and not hiding from pleasures, even if they’re popular. It means something to go against the mainstream, even if that’s only here.

Grrr, I like you because you’re so very real and that you keep growing. I know you sometimes get slack over feminist issues, but I respect a man who can have high regard for women, yet not always be perfect about it. I see you struggle some, but you always cop to your foibles, try to understand us better and finally, you seem to really care what we think, how we’re treated, etc. That’s so cool.

As to who all I’d like to thank? Almost every frigging Doper around. Because when my husband first became sick, you all were there to hold my hand, listen to my fears and support me getting through all the pain and heartache. Later, as things got worse, everyone pulled together to help me give him encouragement, love and laughter. All that was done was absolutely astounding; cards and letters and poems and gifts and just about anything you can think of. Finally, when he passed away, y’all never left my side. You checked up on me, worried about me, prayed, sent good wishes and a million things beyond that. As I’ve said since I first got to this joint, this community is the best family one could luck into.

So, thank you all. I could never repay or even express how much all this has meant to me over the years. SDMB = my rock. <3

even sven, for sound, rational advice on relationship/personal/cultural issues.

Thanks to Vinyl Turnip for having an amazingly high success-to-failure rate in his attempts at posting funny comments.

Thanks to Broomstick for her female take on Walter Mitty.

Uncalled for in this thread. Don’t do this again.

Yes, this. Especially the relationship stuff was useful to me personally.

Shout out to my fellow WWII-aholics Dissonance and TokyoBayer for their frequent insights into the conflict.