ask me about my neighbor

I bought my first condo.
I thought my neighbor was just an OCD loser.
I have now learned (by way of discovering his box of propoganda in the storage area) he is a wackadoodle right wing extremist. Read: Timothy McVeigh.

Ask me anything about my experiences with my neighbor.

Nice thread title/username combo. :slight_smile:

What does your neighbour do? Details, man, details!

Is he rude or loud? I wouldn’t mind living next door to Timothy McVeigh if he was quiet.

Heh - after owning a house for around nine years, I can see myself being interviewed; “He killed 10 people? Well, he was quiet, he never had parties or parked in front of our house, and he always mowed his lawn and shovelled his walk. He wasn’t all bad.”

Is it hard to deal with the smell of ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel?

He does data entry. And runs the local Republican committee in town. He carries his lunch in a cooler and his gym clothes in a bowling bag.

He lives upstairs and complained to my neighbors across from me about their tv noise: “oh this won’t do” (who talks like this?)

He sits in his car in the parking area with his cd’s cranked about “the lord punishing the wonton woman!” I felt like going out and saying “just tell me to my face, asshole.”

Oh. And “living in hell” includes most areas of my life.

How does he know what you put in your soup?

What a coincidence. I’m the egg drop woman!

What a coincidence! I drop eggs in my soup!

So, Ms. Wonton Woman…How ya doin?

Wonton & egg drops in my soup
noodles & chives go loop the loop
Gosh that neighbor sounds so fun.
When he goes pop! you better run…

Well, I wouldn’t want to live in the same block as a quiet McVeigh. :slight_smile:

What’s so “OCD loser”-ish about this guy?

So far, all you’ve given us is a Republican who dislikes your passion for Chinese food so strongly that he communicates passive-aggressively through religious music. That’s not a neighbour from Hell. That’s not even a neighbour from Heck. More like a neighbour from Kansas.

in case it’s not obvious: the jokes are that “wanton” isn’t spelled “won-ton”

I wanted to make the wonton joke…

Wait, are you saying you’ll describe your neighbors that way, or they’ll describe you that way? :dubious:

Why would he think you are wanton?

What do you have against us losers with OCD?

What literature does he have? Names etc., so we can judge how crazy.

I meant wanton. Hussy like. Spellcheck fail.

Well, he has an ample supply of literature from the John Birch society.

At 11:45 pm on October 14, he knocked on my door and told me “you have 15 minutes to remove your air conditioners per association regulations that all units are removed by October 15.”

How much money would it take to convince you to make sweet, sweet love to this neighbor?

but is he a shit kicking speed taking truck driving neighbor?

which reminds me of Robert Fripp’s NY3. Well get out, there’s the door…

edit: well, it was on Fripp’s Exposure lp, but written by Fripp, Daryl Hall, and Joanna Walton