Ask me anything.

Ask me any question at all, and I will answer you.

However, if it’s a question with a factual answer, I can’t promise you I’ll be right. In fact, I probably won’t be. So that’s the disclaimer right there. I’m not going to look up any answers so your best bet is to probably just keep the questions light hearted. :stuck_out_tongue:

Consequently, if it’s a question that is: Illegal or immoral or too personal or any other kind of question that I can’t answer…I still will, but don’t expect a serious answer. :wink:

Last thing. I’m not a doctor, or lawyer, or anything really. Telling you out front I’m not, so if your question is along those terms, again, I’ll answer, but only with what I think/my opinion is.

What I AM is just bored and wondering what kinds of questions I’ll get. :eek:

Where do all my socks go?

To that great Sock Heaven in the sky. But only the left ones. The right ones all hide in various parts of your home. You’ll find a couple: One under the box under your bed, one in the confines of that couch with the pillows on it, one behind the toliet, and one, of all places, under your car seat.

Who shot first?

What shot second?

Oh man, I just kill myself…

But seriously, you’ll find that Bob shot first. How could you not have known this?

Who is Bob, and why is he shooting at people?

Bob is who shot first, and he’s shooting because he’s a professional photographer.

Wait? There are left socks and right socks?

Thank you for fighting my ignorance today. I had no idea it was Bob. Cripes, I thought it was the chicken, and not the egg.

I’m Bob, but I’m not shooting at anyone.

Who put the bop in the bop-she-bop? When you’ve answered that, who put the ram in the ram-alama-dingdong?

"Socks"was one of Bob’s dogs. It was pecked to death in a fight with a chicken. Having lost Socks, Bob shot the chicken.

Yeah, Bob.
Who was that man? I like to shake his hand…

Idle Thoughts Where do my idle thoughts wander to, just before sleeping?

Who’s on first?

This one’s been bugging me for ages…

Why is a cook’s bedpan like an overwound clock?

But of course.

The same man who made my baby fall in love with me.

In a special collection box that I have where I can easily access them. So think more about what you were thinking about on the night of August 25th.


Well, they both have c’s, o’s, n’s, d’s, k’s and e’s…

If a chicken and a half can lay an egg and a half in a day and a half, how long will it take a grasshopper with a wooden leg to kick all the seeds out of a dill pickle?

Are scalar weapons for real?

1.5 seconds. But only if the pickle had one seed in it. (which, after I was done with it, it would)

Yes, but it only works on dogs.

Why is Six afraid of Seven?

Where is CynicalGabe’s checkbook? If you’re right, I’ll split the reward with you.