Ask the Average Guy!

Well, nothing I can’t answer!
Won’t necessarily have any truth or relevance, though.

What’s it all about?


Ilsa_Lund is a MAN???

I have to varnish some mdf, do I need to seal it first?


why cant a guy get a break around here?

Apparently, it is indeed just for the moment we live.

If I am not gravely mistaken.

Probably. Though I haven’t the foggiest what mdf is. Salt. Grain. etc.

It’s a dog’s life, man, and this is a kitty-kat world.

Is it true that half the people in the world are not as smart as you?

Far more than half.


And you’re Average? hmmm

I too, thought I_L was female.

Just thought I’d toss that out.

Do you get in a lot of fights? You know, the whole “Boy Named Sue” syndrome. Only in this case, it’s “Ilsa”.

Are you trying to say that you don’t think Ilsa is a unisex name?

Hey, we’re asking the questions around here!

What do you think about germanium as a potential substitute for silicon as a semi-conductor?

Germanium has less stability in terms of temperature as a long term semiconductor, though silicon-germanium alloy semiconductors should be just fine.

How do I get blood out of the carpet?

  1. Bissell

  2. New carpet.

  3. Blood? What Blood? Oh, you mean the $105000 1787 Chateau Lafitte claret stain! It was a bit young, even for it’s vintage, and I couldn’t *stand *to drink it!

Does the ‘average’ guy like to hold hands with a girl in public?

How long’s your penis?

I don’t mind. Depends on the girl. :smiley:

This is Ask the Average Straight Guy.

How best to dispose of a hundred thousand (ant) bodies defore the UN find out where I’ve hid them?