ask the guy trying to drop BACK into college

When my life went off the rails, I was 20 or so credits short of a PolSci Ba. Now that I’m back on track life-wise, I’m beginning the process of returning to college.

How old are you and how long since you were last enrolled?

I’ll be 34 in 5 weeks, was last a fully functional student in 2000. (I’ve taken a few classes since)

What kind of credits are you missing? Are they mostly in-major credits, mostly gen-eds, or a nice mix?

Have your educational goals changed since you left school in 2000, and are you considering a different major or will you be finishing your PoliSci BA?

Good luck!

Sticking with PolSci as a major. Originally wanted to go to Law School/Politics. Since realized M.Ed/Teaching a better path. I need 1 300 level for a WoSt minor, and science for GenEd.

Cool. When do you plan to graduate, and have you started looking into the requirements for MEd programs and certification yet?

I have the School of Education page in my (new) faves (lost a harddrive). Depending on how much I need, probably 6/13.

I also need to write a letter saying I’ve changed as a person. (abused my e-mail account, led to suspension).

What will you say to the 60 year old sitting next to you? That would be me, I start in January.

Congratulations, both etv78 and Lanzy. Returning and non-traditional students were always among my favorite students to mentor.

I started university at 28, graduated at 36, looking to go to grad school starting at age 38 or 39. For the most part, I never felt out of place due to my age (except for off-campus study groups, I did feel skeevy being the 36 year old in a group of 18 year olds). The bigger culture shock was when I was “mopping up,” taking care of low-level requirements near the end. I’d been in school for eight years when I finally got around to knocking out some of my 100-level junk courses to finish my degrees. After so long being around people who had their nose to the grindstone, suddenly being in an intro course and getting angry at the immaturity and lack-of-care shown by my classmates, who were fresh out of high school, was annoying.

When I could do the intro courses on weekends or evenings, I found it more tolerable. The students tended to be working students, retirees, etc. A more varied mix of students, less “I’m an adult now, time to party!” Though, I gotta admit, I did miss getting to ogle the pretty, younger girls in those classes… :slight_smile:

Best of Luck etv and Lanzy,
I graduated last year with a B.Sc that I started in 1989. In that time I joined and retired from the military after 21 years. Aside from the first year I did full time, the rest was distance ed. I found my motivation was much higher as a mature student as I knew what I was going to school for, I hope you find it the same and excel!

Most of the people at the college I hope to return to are non-traditional.

IIRC, you’ve said this each year for the last few years now, and haven’t yet made it back to college. What makes you think you’ll manage it this year?

And if I’m thinking of the right poster, how will you support your wife and twins?

How many credits will you have lost due to having not been enrolled for so long?

Cinnamon-You have me confused with somebody else. (I’m hopelessly single and childless)

You may be single and childless, but it’s a bit disingenuous to say that she has you mixed up with someone else. You know what you did.

For those wondering what this is about, here’s a handy link.

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so- wife and twins?

plans to go back to school and never makes it? where?

I apologize. You’re right, I’m an unasalvagable asshole! :rolleyes:

Forget about them. Good luck pursuing your degree.