Ask the guy who knows way too much about Futurama

Having used my immense brain power, I have put all the knowledge of Futurama into a memory bank twice the size of three ordinary memory banks in my own head!

C’mon, ask me anything, I dare you! I only request you don’t ask seriously obscure questions like “what is the the hair color of the guy who sits behind Bender at the blernsball game in ‘Fear of a Bot Planet?’”
I promise I will not use any resources other than my brain. I won’t go to fan sites or look at the DVD’s. Anyone wishing to challenge my might may do so in the normal fashion…the tradition of craw-plak!

“Great Shatners Ghost”

Said by whom?
In episode?

What song was played during the montage of all the times Leela’s parents had helped her in secret while she was growing up?

Which epidodes have Bender as a 3d model instead of a 2d drawing, besides the one in which he’s floating alone in space? I can never tell.

Ok, now I’m really not trying to be unfair. I just can’t think of better clues.

Which is my favorite episode?

Two hints:

  1. It made me cry.
  2. Buzzzzz

(I actually don’t know the name of the episode and would love to know.)

The Sting.

The Sting, season 5. (Production season 4.)

Now, to the OP: The binary number on Bender’s door is the ASCII code for what?

In what year did Jesus return?
How long has Kwanza-Bot been distributing the What the Hell is Kwanzaa books?
Who are Zoidberg’s parents?
When is the OP going to answer any of these questions?

In the Futurama comic book collection, two famous Anime characters make a cameo appearance in a street scene.
Name them.

What is the name of the meal the Nillbonians eat, and what are the recognizable animals on the table?

What are Hednoism bot’s “last words” when he thinks he’s about to be destroyed with all of the robots?

What’s the name of the race living on Bender as he drifts through space, and what do they name the Great Brewery?

The angry robot mom’s “no hanging wires!!” comment to her son during the auditions for All My Circuits is a refernce to what?


I wanna know why they never did something where either the Simpsons go into the future or the Futurama cast goes into the past and they all meet each other…that would have been sweet, and I would have definitely watched that episode.

Bender was in an episode of the Simpsons. Bart was hallucinating/daydreaming and he was part of it, but he didn’t talk.

Bender was also in the one where Homer scams PBS. At the end during the Fox ‘pledge drive’ he’s one of the phone answerers (along with Scully, Mulder, Hank Hill, Rupert “Not nearly enough!” Murdoch, and Jason Priestly/Luke Perry (can’t tell which)).

As for Futurama questions:
(besides why did those morons cancel it and yet are now bringing back the freakin’ Family Guy…) :mad:
[ul][li]What was the ‘classical music’ Fry listened to when he got rich and had his own apartment?[/li][li]Who was the voice of Femputer?[/li][li]Who was the voice of Fry’s also frozen girlfriend?[/li][li]Who was the voice of the Robot Devil?[/li][li]Who was the voice of Kwanzabot?[/li][li]Who was the original voice of robot Santa?[/li][li]Fry was named Philip in honor of who?[/li][li]What did Germany change its name to in the 2200s?[/li][/ul]

Can you give me an ordinary-looking box that will allow me to enter an alternate universe where Futurama has not been cancelled? Please don’t say “oh my, no.”

The comicbooks did have a cross over. Bongo Comics put out the two issue miniseries Infinitely Secret Crisis.

When Fry called Bender a “robo” (robotic hobo), what did Bender think he called him?

Fry never called Bender a robo.

Bouv, in all sincerity, you are in major message board shit right now.

My question is: what is the the hair color of the guy who sits next to the guy who sits behind Bender at the blernsball game in ‘Fear of a Bot Planet?’


C’mon, ask me anything, I dare you! /QUOTE]


how many Futurama fans does it take to change a lightbulb ?

Okay, then, my question is Who called Bender a robo and what did Bender think they said :wink: