Ask the guy who's getting kinda bored of all these "Ask the __________Guy" Threads.

Ok…now “Ask the Gay Guy” was nice…interesting…informative. But all of these “Ask the <Insert some racial group/sexual orientation> Guy” are starting to get on my nerves. Am I the only one who has this opinion?

I’m starting to get majorly POed too.

On top of that, the sexism! Ask the guy? Ask the GUY? Sheesh. Alright I’m not really offended by that, but it is a bit tiring.

Do you eat pussy?

I was never a fan


Are you ever physically attracted to girls who’re getting kinda bored of all these “Ask the ________ Guy” threads? Or are you strictly a GWGKBOAT"AT_G"T person?

Why haven’t you told your parents that you’re getting kinda bored of all these “Ask the ________ Guy” threads?

Do you prefer “The Sound of Music” or “Saturday Night Fever”?

Do you, personally, give a rat’s ass how desperately the OP requires affirmation in order to post a copycat AT___G OP? What is your stance on low self-esteem?

Boxers or briefs? How about for a M-F transexual who has begun hormone therapy, but has not yet had the useless appendage chucked into the biohazard bag?

As a GWGKBOAT"AT___G"T, how do you feel about the Bush administration’s decision to put off new regulations on arsenic in drinking water until next February?

Gamera vs. Pikachu: Who wins?

I was thinking about asking my girlfriend whether she’s bored with all these “Ask the ___ Guy” threads. Is that a good idea, or should I just let her not give a shit what these losers have to share without bugging her about it?

Wouldn’t it be cool if somebody fucked around with those goddamn Pepsi commercials they show before movies? You know, the ones with that horrible little girl with Jack Palance saying “And no smokin’”? And am I a bad person for wishing a horrible death to anyone who was even remotely involved with this mostrosity?
Anxiously awaiting your unique insight,
minty green

[sub]and with apologies to Esprix, whose original thread was really quite cool, despite anything that may have been said about brown puddles[/sub]

If the thread title does not interest me, I do not click on it. Let the Gay Guy, Teenager, Computer Game, GLBWhatever, Boring-as-Hell-I don’t-give-a-damn threads go to those who are interested in the subject matter. The forum is open to all subjects (mostly), but unless somebody is holding a gun to your head to read them, you shouldn’t be tired of them!

And around and around and around and around and around and around… (Good God, I’ve been here long enough to see the same topics, posting styles, complaints and types of posters come and go in cycles! AAAAAH! :wink: )

As the Original One Trick Pony, the Gay Guy is pleased to have caused so much constipation. Carry on…


er, having read some of those threads, I wouldn’t describe you as a one trick pony at all Esprix :wink:

Ask the guy who lost a bet to the devil!, my own entry into the fray.

Frankly, I don’t mind these threads at all, because it’s clear from the title what they are about, and they’re easy enough to by-pass if I’m not interested. Non-descriptive or misleading thread titles piss me off, because with the boards being so slow, I’m a lot more selective than I used to be about what threads I actually open.