Ask the hermaphroditic wookiee molester!

Subject for debate: Do these “ask the (whatever)” topics belong in Great Debates, or should they be placed in MPSIMS?

I dated two hermaphrodites a few years ago.

I sometimes let topics stay because there is a high likelyhood that they’ll turn into a debate. “Ask the Gay Guy” made the cut on this basis. “Ask the straight guy” and “ask the straight conservative whatever” are borderline, but might make it. “Ask the attention starved sychophant”, no. Personally, I was hoping the first “ask the” thread was the only one we’d get, but it has spawned a legion of imitators, which makes it more difficult to do the MPSIMS/GD call. I also like to respect the intent of the OP, and give them the benefit of the doubt that they had good reason to place their topic in this particular forum, so I do not move a topic around without some thought. Now, this topic belongs in ATMB, so that’s where it’s going. I’ll keep an eye on it, and if most posters agree that the “ask the” threads should be moved, I’ll take that into consideration. This may be a dictatorship, but we try to make it a benevolent one, and I don’t really have any strong opinions either way on the “ask” threads.

I’m confused, Tim. Are you a hermaphrodite, or do you just like your Wookiees that way?

My vote: MPISMS.

I was gonna start an “Ask the middle-aged spinster” thread—but in MPSIMS, not GD.

Even if it’s a subject that tends to generate debate, it’s not focused enough to take my interest.

A subject like “Should gays be allowed to marry?” is lot more useful than “Ask the gay guy”, even if the subject comes up in the thread. It’s just too broad.

Well, I’ll say that I put up “Ask The Gay Guy” specifically because, at that time, we’d had a slew of gay issues as topics in Great Debates, and there was a lot of questions going on in each one. It was in direct response to other threads in Great Debates, so that’s why I put it there. Since then, however, it’s gotten a lot of traffic and sparked some GD-worthy discussion, IMHO.

I’d like to see it stay in GD, but will defer to the Moderators.


Ask the Gay Guy!

Mundane Pointless I Stuff Must Share? I don’t think that board exists here… :stuck_out_tongue:


Ask the Gay Guy!

Well, those threads still exist, so ignore mine. 5 pages worth of people have found it useful, tho.


Ask the Gay Guy!

Better keep that tongue in that mouth where it belongs. . . :wink:

Your Quadell



Ask the Gay Guy!


Ask the hermaphrodite wookiee molester what? “Wanna dance?” “Your place or mine?” “Got any beer?” “Was it good for you?” “I’ve got kind of a cash flow problem this week, can ya let me have twenty bucks till payday?”

And I’m a little confused about your modifiers. Is “hermaphrodite” modifying “wookiee molester”, meaning a wookiee molester who is a hermaphrodite, or does it mean “a molester of hermaphrodite wookiees”? (Now, that’s what I call a specialist.)

I don’t think this thread belongs in ATMB, but I have no idea where to put it. Maybe we ought to start another board, for The Truly Strange but Nevertheless Fun Stuff.

This really is a MPSIMS kind of thing, so . . . over it goes.

your humble TubaDiva
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