ask the magic 8 ball

ask, and I shall Answer.

[shakes the magic8ball]

Oh, magic8ball, hear my question:

Will you be a one-trick pony?

Where is NT?

Could George W. inaugurate a new era of peace, love and understanding by appointing Katherine Harris “Empress of Palestine” ?

Should I go long on copra futures?

How can you have zero posts ? or How many posts until this thread gets locked ?

Did Brian ever really love me?

What the @#!$%@&** is this doing in the BBQ Pit?

magic8ball, what happened to your post count?

Is Wildest Bill lurking among us?

What is my favorite milieu of tomato?

The cheetah. Next!

Who dragged whom how many times at the wheels of what around the walls of where?

I don’t know. Do you really think death is the answer?

Notice “member” doesn’t appear under the username, either.


vanilla: Nt sands for the northwest territories, which is where the polar bears live. Its in canada.

squink: will there ever be peace?

jmm: Yes. definitly

spacedog: I don’t know. I’m new at this.

spooky: yes, he did.

Thudlow boink: Well, where the hell else am I supposed to put it? I’m new, leave me alone.

Mullinater: cannot predict now.

steve wright: it was…the mailman.

JDB: if its in penny-arcade, then yes, death IS the answer.

essvee: yes, hes just in disguise.

I don’t get an answer? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you were an ethereal being living outside of your own conciousness, what do you think would be most likely to reflect the forced existentialism back upon it’s own metaphysical aura?

magic8ball says that Brian did love me, and, you know, I find that strangely comforting.

Have a nice evening, everyone

Godel’s incompleteness theorem :wink: