Ask the New Father (with pictures!)

MrsSurvey and I welcomed BabySurvey into the fold six weeks ago and I’m finally finding the time to put this thread up. This is inspired largely by a gaggle of friends who are either with child or considering it who have been asking us a lot of questions about this that and the other. Naturally she’s the most beautiful baby in the world, and here’s proof:

Photobucket pics of Abigail

Woohoo! Congrats on having the second most beautiful baby in the world! :smiley:

She really is adorable…but you gotta be careful…looks like she’s got a bit of an attitude about her already!

Everything ok with that spot next to her eye? I notice that it’s getting redder and redder as time passes (although my little one has a spot on her hand that’s been doing the same thing for a year and a half now).

Congrats, Dad, great pix.

SSG Schwartz

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

What a beautiful family! :slight_smile:

Congratulations on the little one!

and i secound Queen Tonya What a lovely family!

So I start this thread and go out of town for three days and forget my danged laptop. Thanks all for the compliments, we’re having the time of our lives right now.

Regarding the spot, that is a capillary hemangioma. It popped up a couple weeks after she was born and at first we thought it was a scratch, then a blood blister. When we took Abby in for her one month check-up, the pediatrician saw it, said it was no big deal…and then made sure we got set up with a pediatric dermatologist the next morning (typical wait time for new patients for this doctor - four months!) Both that doctor and the pediatric ophthamologist we saw two days later said the same thing - ‘probably’ nothing to worry about, its nothing they haven’t seen hundreds of times before, 3-5% of all baby girls have something similar, her vision is fine. We got a prescription for ointment to put on the hemangioma to stem its growth and ideally it will start to shrink in 3-6 months and disappear 18-24 months later. Otherwise, we may have to have it lasered off so it does not interfere with the tear duct or the eyelid. Another option is to have steroids injected into the affected area to speed up the shrinking process, but when the eye doc said a small percentage of patients get the steroids in their eye and consequently lose their vision, that pretty much wiped that option out for us.

Wow - made a short story long. SUMMARY: no big deal, should be fine, it doesn’t hurt her at all. We do feel fortunate to have the excellent St. Louis Children’s Hospital available for subsequent work on the eye.

She’s beautiful! How’s she sleeping now? And how are you and MrsSurvey sleeping?

She sleeps pretty well at night in the sense that from 9 or 10 p.m. until morning, she eats and then goes right back to sleep. We get about three hours of sleep between feedings and we alternate who gets up w her each time, though my wife handles most of the middle of the night stuff during the week when I have to work. We both need to work on the ‘sleep when she sleeps’ idea during the day; we both try to get a bunch done at that time and we both end up waxed by Sunday nite.

But its all so so worth it. Five minutes ago I had Abby falling asleep in my arms, sitting next to my beautiful wife on the big swing on our back patio, checking out the full moon without a care in the world.*

*(ok, I kept looking over this patch of yellowed grass the dogs have decided is Tinkle Central, wondering how to fix it, but thats it).