Ask the Straight Guy

Well, there was some interest in this, so here goes. I’m not going to claim to be able to answer every question, especially if I get distracted by boobies, but I will try. Ask away!

Dear Straight Guy

Can you be friends with a woman and not want to have sex with her?

Dear Straight Guy,

Why do you always think you will get better sex from a hot chick who treats you like dirt than from a ordinary, devoted, loving woman who will treat you like a a king?

Have you always felt that you were straight, or did you experiment with other orientations before making a decision based on objective criteria?

Hmm, obviously instead of quoting everything I’ll do it numerically.

  1. I honestly don’t think so. Can I go on a date with a woman and realize we’re better off as friends, thusly never having sex with her? Yes. Does that mean I’ll never think of it, however briefly? No.

  2. The standard guy answer here as I have observed it: Because she’s a hot chick. Many guys to some extent see women in the same way they see cars: If everyone sees you driving a Maserati, who cares how often you have to take it to the mechanic? You’re driving a sports car/sleeping with a supermodel. Drink in the envy. It’s a status thing, and may well be caused by societial pressure, i.e. how many hot women marry ugly guys on sitcoms.
    (Me, I think this is crap. Gimme the regular girl anytime.)

3)I THINK I’ve always believed I was straight. However, I’ll admit to admiring the aesthetics of men in good shape, like pro wrestlers. Not the disgustingly overmuscled ones, the regular ones. Do I think about them in the sauna? No. Make of that what you will.

BTW, if any other Straight Guys ever wanna jump in here and contribute, feel free.

Actually, upon consideration, I did once attempt to masterbate while thinking of men. Didn’t work. But I figured it was an interesting experiment, and if I’m answering this thing, I might as well be totally honest.

I’ve always wanted to ask this question. Do you ever feel like giggling and wiggling your ass all over the room for some reason but not do it because everyone will think you’re gay? Or do you just never ever feel like doing those types of things? If you’re all alone and a really dorky song comes on, do you ever squeal and jump out of the chair? Or is that like an urge you just don’t get.

Also do you ever feel like just crying and stop yourself or did that urge go away when you were little. In general, how much of acting like a straight guy is stuff is a big act?

Er, when alone in my truck, I’ve lingered waay longer than I should have on the 70’s disco station.

I don’t wiggle my ass around though. There might be a few shoulder gyrations but no ass wiggling; because that would be gay. :smiley: (<----like this guy)

Hmm…here I may be abnormal, because I do many of those things regardless. A song I like comes on, I’m singing that bad boy, even though I suck at singing. I have never wiggled my ass, though. As for crying…yeah, I get that. I’ll tear up and cry at sad movies, or when the crushing inevitability of time hits me.

Most straight guys, I believe, act a certain way and have to constantly reinforce it. To your “average” guy, a man he does not know is a rival for any present women. He has to carefully portray himslef in a certain light, until he knows what she likes. Even then, it’s quite possible that he will continue the ruse, because *that is how Straight Guys act. *

Do men seriously like the insane games that some women play? Most of my guy friends, you see, complain about girl drama – usually along the lines of “And she asked me if the dress made her look fat! What was I supposed to say?!” or calling them up at three in the morning to ‘just talk’.

Yet they continue to date girls just like this, ignoring perfectly sane women who don’t cover them with drama.

Is this just another facet of the “but she’s HOT” syndrome?

Dear Straight Guy,

What is the thing with boobies, anyway? I ask this as both a possessor and admirer of such, who has noticed that straight guys seem to like these parts a heckuva lot more than she does.

Do you ever feel handicapped because you are attracted to only 1/2 of the people you know?

Since the OP has opened the floor for others to answer questions, I would like to shed some light on a few things people might have issues with.

The line “she was hot” can be used as a socially acceptable excuse for virtually any thing a man does for a woman, including putting up with her drama.

There are certain things that if a man does, will make him vulnerable to sissy jokes. Over time, I have found that there is just no way to justify watching an episode of Oprah. Of course I would have to be really insecure with my sexuality in order to stop watching Oprah in private.

Do you wear pink shirts?

Do you believe that your heterosexuality is caused by genetics or the way you were raised?

Are you straight because you hate men, or had a bad experience with one, or haven’t found the right one yet?

Why do you all talk that way?

What do you think of this “masculinity” thing?

Are you a sissy?

If not, why not? And what do you think of sissy guys?

Are you pissed off about any portion of how life, love, and society is set up for males who happen to be attracted to females? If so, provide list, otherwise elaborate at will — do you think straight guys have a pretty good deal?

How do you feel about being male?

I’m straight (and awake), so I might field this one.

They jiggle, they wobble, they are nice to behold and to hold. They can fit in your hand or your mouth. They are soft and supple. We don’t have them (or at least shouldn’t have them). Anything that we don’t possess, we like.

It’s quite simple. They’re boobies.

You know if I had boobies I would never stop looking at them. I mean, just sitting there at the computer, working away and then look down. Boobies. Woohoo!

Hope that help (but probably won’t).

Boobies :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you, Straight Guy! I still don’t get it, but that’s all right. I have another question, though.

How can I use this to my advantage?

Warm… soft… snuggly… fun…sexy…

That’s plenty of reasons! :smiley:

I was just thinking about that, and I think much of the novelty of boobies is *not *having them always available. If they were always there, I’m think that after a while I’d be just ho-hum about them, like a lot of women I know. I’m not entirely sure of that, because the boobie obsession runs deep, but that’s my sense of it.

I can proudly answer that in the affirmative. My wardrobe used to be filled with boring greys, whites and blues until I went crazy on one shopping trip and starting getting bright shirts. I still clearly remember taking one very pink shirt home when I was about 18, and my mother taking one look at it and saying “You are not wearing that thing in public with me.”

I’ve toned it down a bit since then, but I still have a peach shirt that’s pretty bright. I like bright colours; makes for cheerful dressing. I wouldn’t wear hot pink, which is an abomination of a colour that should never have been invented, but magenta and peach are perfectly acceptable.