Ask Yahoo! SD impersonator or just really stupid?

On one hand, it’s good that people are getting their questions answered. On the other hand, it’s informative and all, but lacking that elan that only Cecil can provide.

Sure, Unca Cece has had his fair share of silly questions, but he always manages to turn into good questions by doing things like giving the recipie for (and order to be placed) of Chicago Style Hot Dogs, or getting into epic battles over what “the exception that proves the rule” really means.


I find it funny that several of the questions merely link back to good ol’ unca cecil.

Huh. I honestly didn’t go that far back in the previous posts.

Man, they’re merely a SD reseller.

Ah well, I recall a time not too long ago where it seemed Cecil got most of his answers off of Snopes…

Whatever helps the fight against ignorance is OK in my book.

I think Ask Yahoo! is what first lead me to The Straight Dope. And the rest, as they say, is history.