Yahoo! has a SDMB-like section now: Yahoo! Answers

“Ask a question on any topic and get answers from real people.”

Pales in comparison to the SDMB of course, but interesting.

Are you kidding? They cite Cecil all the time.

They need us.

“If you pick your nose, but no one sees you, do you feel like it’s okay?”

God sees you.

If you are thinking of the pre-existing ‘Ask Yahoo’ section, this is different. ‘Ask Yahoo’ was like Cecil’s column, where questions were answered by Yahoo. This new thing is more like the SDMB, where the questions are answered my the public at large.

I’m fighting the good fight over there. I just made level 5 tonight.

And I see Unca Cece mentioned occasionally, but I’ve figured out that people are not likely to read links.

Sounds kinda like, oh I don’t know … this, which has been running for quite some time now.

Looks like a bunch of junior high kids looking for people to do their homework for them, mainly.