Asking a favor

I would like to ask the members if any of them would be willing to donate his/her talents in creating a website for my community theatre group on the free ANGELFIRE web-hosting network. My computer skills are zilch except for posting and using WORD97 and no one in my group is much better. There would not be any money involved, just artistic credit at the end, but I don’t want to take the chance on someone complaining that I might be soliciting. Can I get someone’s blessing on this?

Thanks :smiley:


You are absolved, oh multiplexed one. Go forth and MPSIMS

I was speaking as a member, of course. That seemed to be what you wanted? If not, it must be noted that you’ve already asked the question in question, so it’s too late to ask permission, only forgiveness.

I do so ask, kind one , with bowed head and raised hump.


Actually, one of our members has already come to my rescue, and has made me one happy bell-ringin’ fool!

Thanks so much!