In an effort to try and make some money....

And also because eBay still haven’t let me sell my soul, I created a modest web-site on which i hope to make money from nothing…

Your opinions would be appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:


link removed - CF


I know some people might see this rude spamming or maybe just attention seeking so to those people i say: Yes. I suppose it is a bit of both mixed in with a lot of bordom :smack:

I swear your website has made my SDMB go pink!

p.s. Has anyone donated yet? I’d imagine a small percentage would donate for the sheer hell of it.

If i knew how to make 1000 ppl look at my site per day, im sure i’d start getting the od £ or so. :frowning:

I know a way. But it would also result in a lot of abuse.

haha. im listening… :wink:

<looks both ways>

post your OP at that will get a s**tload of views.

Shall i start with “My *friend * want to make some money”? :cool:

hmm… my account doesn’t seem to work yet.

If I remember correctly you have to wait for someone to activate it.

You’ve got to check back in with us about this in a couple months. If you get any money off of this I’m putting up 20 of them.

Basically, if i get £50 out of it in less than half a year, im gonna set up my own business! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve uped the price of my ‘big pile of nothing’ to 2 Euros. This is just to cover the cost of first class international postage :stuck_out_tongue:

The SDMB is not here to compensate your poor budgeting skills, neoof. Don’t do this again.