Aspirin, Ibuprophin, Naproxysn, their effect on a woman's "monthlies", probably TMI

I am in my mid 40’s, I have had seven pregnancies, three miscarriages, and given birth to four children, and am now in peri-menopause. For three years I had no periods, blood tests showed that I had little to no estrogen, and now poof I am having periods again.

Since I began my menses at age 11 I have had a fairly moderate to heavy flow for a full 7 days, along with some fairly bad cramping, on a 28 day schedual so regular I could almost set my watch on it.

Now, I’m not so regular, the week before is misery, and when I do begin, the flow is so heavy that I must stay home and change the super plus tampons approximately every 20 minutes for the entire 7+ days that it lasts. It is not merely inconvinient, I feel terrible and rather weak for the duration.

So, as I posted in this thread:
I have been swallowing a lot of aspirin, ibuprophin, and naproxysn, and I had a brain flash that, perhaps, these medicines are, at least in part, responsible for the increased flow, as I understand that they thin blood.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I’ve been taking prescription strength naproxen sodium for 14 years now and I’ve never had that problem-completely normal except I do feel weak and ill for the first day and between doses can feel the pain gnawing at me. (although now that it’s gone OTC I let my prescription run out and just pop as many Aleves as needed to make up my 1 prescription pill-2 almost makes it and I used to take 2 prescription pills so that’s like 4 Aleves…yikes!)

If it keeps up and is heavy and miserable, you might want to look into an endometrial ablation. I would suggest talking to your doctor about this. At your age, with four kids, and in peri-menopause, it sounds like a good option to me (who is not in any way a doctor, so take it for what it’s worth :smiley: ).

I spent nearly a year taking heavy doses of ibuprofen daily (shoulder injury, PT, then finally surgery and more PT=800mg 4 or 5X daily) and my flow never noticeably increased. Stopped taking the motrin a few months back and didn’t notice a decrease, either.

Besides, that heavy for a week sounds scary, regardless of any possible anti-coagulant effects. Hie thee to ye olde OB!

hmmm…I did hie myself to my doc, who did some tests, including withdrawing uterine fluid. A lot of uterine fluid, who knew there was that much liquid in there! No cancer, no abnormal anything. Since no one is reporting any trouble with the other NSAID’s, I am going back on ibuprophine right now as acetaminophen is doing doodly-squat for my back and arthritis pain!

Aspirin will make your flow heavier. Ibuprofen shouldn’t.


Please see this recent thread , where this was discussed and the consensus was that NSAIDs (like aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.) on average do increase menstrual bleeding compared to what would likely happen if a woman didn’t use NSAIDS.

You had 3 years with no periods and now you have really heavy periods of the nature you describe? Kaiwik, you need to see your obs/gyne person in the near future and tell him /her about this - that’s about as much medical advice as I can dispense on SDMB, but please trust me that you need to be assessed and helped with this (and yes, I am a medical doctor in real life, and do not play one on TV). What you are describing is not something you can write off to use of NSAIDs, and as featherlou touched on with her post, there are relatively easy and not-so-easy solutions, depending on what is causing your increased bleeding.

Good luck!