assasins creed 1 question regarding flags

In the assasins base , I have gotten 18/20 flags so far. I already finished the game , but going back for a second time around. Is there any flags on top of the main castle, I cant yet find any kind of way up yet, except for the area where you do the first leap of faith. But it looks like there should be at least something I can get to, but is there anything up there.


Oh I did find I think four flags inside the castle, two inside and two in the gardens in the rear area.

Site with complete list of flags in AC, including screenshots.

Oh man, the flags were the most tedious and stupid thing about that game. The only collection thing that was even remotelly fun was killing the Templars because it was badass to drop down and knife them in the neck before they knew you were there. Really, it’s the only part that makes it a game about being an assassin. The fact that you couldn’t assassinate the governors really bothered me, the big boss battle aspect was annoying. It would’ve been so much cooler if you assassinated them like right in front of everyone and then had to fight your way out. Of course once you got past the learning curve you really didn’t have to worry about fighting at all. Instead of running away from the guards chasing me after killing the governors I would just walk out the front door and stroll to the city gates leaving a trail of bodies in my wake. Kind of fun, but the game was just too ‘dumb click’.

Thanks thats what I needed.