Replaying Assasin's Creed, and I STILL can't interact with the "informants"

So what the hell do I have to do to/with/for these guys to interact with me?

I’m currently in Acre for the first time, and the first Informant I’ve found is the one near the asylum. I’m pretty sure he marks a flag race of somekind, but I’ve NEVER been able to figure out how to start the races or interact in any way with these Informant types.

What’s the dealio?

Way to typo the title…:smack:

Weird, all I do is walk up to them and they start blabbing on. What platform are you on? Have you been back to the Assassin’s Bureau after collecting 3 bits of evidence? That’s the only thing I can think of that would stop you talking to 'em, that you’ve already initiated the assassination…

You’re not missing much, the flag collection missions are pretty damn boring. I’d replay AC a lot more if you could just skip the damn cutscenes…

You lock on to them, if I remember right. Like you do with interrogations and pickpocketing.

That’s the one! I really need to play that game again…
Until I remember that most of it is hearing old beardy going on and on and on.

I will try the lock, but I can say that I am not prompted to do anything when I’m near any of the informants, whereas when I’m near an interrogation or pick-pocket target there is notification of what I’m expected to do.

I’m playing it on an xbox 360, and I’ve “beaten” the game once skipping over all of the informants, but this time I’m trying to go back and find every last flag and fill out every last little bar of my ancestral DNA memory thingy majigs.

Just confirmed last night - walk up to the informant and press Left Trigger. He’ll start blabbing away. You won’t get any in-game prompting like you do when you approach an eavesdrop or pickpocket mission. If you’re close, but not close enough when you press LT, you’ll get the fart sound effect and a prompt that you’re too far from the informant. If you’re not sure who the informant is, stand still and press Y to go into eagle vision - he’ll be pure white.

And after you finish the informant’s mission, you’ll have to go back to him and press Left Trigger again, within the time limit of whatever the mission was.

Yes that left trigger, at the proper distance, worked like a charm. Thanks y’all!

Is anyone aware of any point in the game (with respect to before or after you’ve made a 1st/2nd visit to the Bureau) when the informants are just unavailable to you as NPCs? I swear I repeatedly approached them mashing every button on my controller, including the left trigger, at distances from 2 inches to 30 feet away.

It will make me feel at least slightly less crazy if it were at least possible that I did all of that during such a state in the game.

I believe after your second visit to the bureau per assassination (that is, after you’ve collected enough information and the target is set up in the city), it won’t allow you to then do tasks to gather anything more.

That’s how I remember it too - you can’t do any more pickpocket, eavesdrop, etc. missions after you’re approved for the assassination mission and have the feather. Also, you can skip the first trip to the assassination bureau if you want - just do the observation points, find the missions and do them, and go to the bureau. You get a slightly different cutscene, where you announce “I’ve already found all I need to know” or something to that effect.