All your pie are belong to us, jarbaby.

clouds are puffy


unclviny: Most people love silliness as long as it’s funny. But sooner than later most people will become fed up with gradeschool humor. That’s my opinion anyway. You can take it or leave it.

If this a parody, my apologies, but please include a link.

Waiter, there’s a hamster in my pie!


Cheetor likes pie.
Contrawise, Ramjet likes toast.

Jarbaby doesn’t like pie period?

Why haven’t we heard from the American Atheists?

pie pie pie pie pie

Ride the pie-nanni.

Bret Farve likes pie alot.

Well, I don’t like period pie.

Shur dose.

Pies of a feather flock together.

friday silliness for the amusement of all (except waverly), you (and i ) may now rejoin our lives still in progress (the mortgage payment is due and the baby is crying).

nanner, nanner, nanner


Why lie if you don’t like pie? Fie, fie.

Pie’d Piper? That explains the jig.

Fucking asshats!!

Hamster pie makes the baby Jesus cry!!!

Og not happy!!!

You guys made me laugh my ass off just now!!!
Thanks for the giggle…

Love love love stupid Friday humor. Thanks!

This I found funny.

you are most welcome, i am stuck out here in a humorless, redneck universe (where harley, nascar, wrestling and country music rule) and this dumb thread kept me laughing all day, talk about darwin’s waiting room!, I LIVE IN HELL!!! (but i’m so whore like that i stay).

offshore, louisiana and i hate it!


Joke threads don’t belong in the Pit.