i’m brian fellowes!
plook me now you savage rascal!

thank you, we now return you to your regularly scheduled message boards.



I like pie.

When come back, bring pie.

My cat’s breath smells of pie.

pie is good!

Hair Pie!

i like peaches!
i’m brian fellowes!

Mmmmmmmm pie.

Blemmy ehny ah fu! Uh!

Threads like this make the baby hamster cry.

i like hamster’s, they are funny (and soft)

I like apostrophes (but in the right place), capitalization and periods (though not the lady kind).

Allow me to add meaning and worth to a thread which appears to be otherwise devoid of both by asking the question:

Where does the whole “When come back, bring pie” thing originate? It made me snort my coffee through my nose and I have seen it a few times but I just can’t place it.

Otherwise let me thank all the dopers involved here collectively for making me laugh at a time when I desperately need it.


I am become death, stealer of pie.

Buliwyf wrote:

If we told you, we’d have to kill you.

Ask and ye shall receive pie.

Oops! Didn’t know about the killing part. I haven’t finished reading the Clique Handbook yet. Sorry 'bout that.

Regardless of where it originated, put me in the camp of people who are SICK TO FUCKING DEATH OF IT.

Just in case anyone is keeping score.

Here, jarbabyj, have some pie to make you feel better.