Who started "I like pie?"

Everywhere I go I hear this Wiggumesque phrase - not just on this site. What’s the “origin?”

It’s currently popular because of the Weebl and Bob flash animations

I must be living in a vacuum. Can someone link these?

Here ya go


Needs sound.

‘Mmmm Pie’ is the (not so)new ‘All your base’

All your pie are belong to us!

Sombody set us up the pie?

I hate to break it to you all, but this was a rip off from WWF’s “the Rock” character… who has liked pie for many many years now.

I was under the impression that “i like pie” was the non-committal response to a poll:

1.I support war with Iraq
3.I don’t support war with Iraq
4.I like pie

I thought it was just a deliberate non sequitur usually to indicate the meaninglessness of an actually response or to highlight someone else’s previous non sequitur statement.
P.S. I find it hard to believe that the phrase is popular due to that cartoon as a) it says “me like pie” not “I like pie” and b) it’s lame.

CarnalK, I’ve seen instances of people using “When come back, bring pie,” in posts, by the same people who are posting “I like pie.” While “I like pie” might be a misquote, there’s no mistaking the source of the other quote.

And besides, how many Dale Cooper/Twin Peaks fans are there these days anyway?

What are the dates on any of these? I believe I can find message board quotes that date back at least two years that use some recommendation of pie as a non-sequitur.

I think “I like pie” is older than “mmmm pie” or “when come back bring pie”. I think Weebl & Bob just segued nicely into a non-sequiteur that was already being used.

Me too. At least two years and probably 3-4.

On a related note…

There’s a radio show out of Indiana called the John Boy and Billy Big Show. They used to pipe it to one of our classic rock stations here in Dallas until they realized that nobody in Dallas wanted to listen to some canned show piped in from Indiana.

Anyway, one of the gags they used to do was to have a listener, who was in his car with a cell phone and on his way to work in the morning, pull up to the drive-thru at some fast food breakfast place like Whataburger or McDonalds.

When the voice came over the speaker to ask for his order, the customer would repeat “I like cheese!” (it sounds funnier with the redneck drawl common to so many JB&B listeners) over and over again until - hopefully - the person at the register would ask them to pull around to the window; whereupon the listener would hand his cell phone to the window guy, and John Boy and Billy (who are on the other end) announce that they’ve been playing radio prank, the guy in the car really isn’t crazy, etc.

For his part, the listener would then win whatever tickets/CD’s/Nascar-related merchandise that the show was giving away that morning.

The gag became so popular and well-known amongst JB&B fans that occasionally you could spot signs being held up in the crowd at WWF events (Duh? Where else?") that read “I like cheese!”

the Upright Citizens Brigade TV show had a skit where Amy Pohler played a color-blind girl who was actually retarded. when asked a question she responded with “I LIKE PIE…HOW 'BOUT IT?”

that was a while back, 3,4, maybe 5 years. that’s when i started to say it.

My memory of it comes from even more way back.

I always thought it was a reference to the epic 1984 film “Revenge of the Nerds” which had a running gag about the “Pi” sorority in reference to “hair pie” and “eating pie” and such. IIRC, the asian-sterotype character said “I like pie!” during one of those classic scenes.

Actually, it’s piped in from Charlotte, NC.

Another variant of their cell phone game was to have the listener say “Pickles give me gas.”

For what it’s worth, the “I like pie” phrase was used on a Johnny Bravo episode not too long ago (year or two I suppose).