Asshats in Action

Tonight at work,I met the Queen of The World tm.It was fairly busy and so there were large groups of people standing,waiting patiently for their food.Well,except for Her Royal Highness and her court of asshatty idiots.This girl,probably about 16-17,dressed in the current trend of faux Punk(ala Avril Lavigne)was being overly loud and rude about waiting for her food.She leaned over the counter,yelling at myself and the kitchen staff to get her food out because she was HUNGRY RIGHT THIS MINUTE AND WOULD DIE IF SHE DIDN"T GET HER FOOD RIGHT THIS SECOND YOU STUPID PEOPLE(her words not mine).I attempted to semi-ignore her by filling the honeymustard container with little cups of prepacked honeymustard.I managed to drop some(the container was really full)and the Queen pointed and brayed like a damned donkey,as did her court(consisting of her boyfriend,her friend and her friend’s boyfriend).I bit my lip but couldn’t help but snarl back “Oh yeah.Ha ha ha.Really funny.” to which she responded "Well like yeah.It is.Hahahahahaha.Nerd!"I bit my lip and restrained from further talking to Her Royal Highness and handed her order out calmly.As she walked away,bag of food in hand,I heard her say "What a complete and total geek.Totally.Totally."I wanted to strangle her.
And then…in the last ten minutes,my doorbell has been rung a total of three times by large groups of 13-15 year olds on a stupid freaking scavenger hunt.WTF?It’s nearly 9:30 at night for crying out loud.I don’t care if it IS a Saturday.I am tired.I don’t want to be bothered.I answered the door to both groups(I know…I know, stupid of me to even answer the door)and gave both groups a severe chewing out.I told them I was trying to sleep and didn’t want to be bothered and not to bother Ron and Judy next door either.I’m sure the REST of the neighborhood will join me in telling these kids to get their asses home and go to bed.Who in the HELL goes on a damned scavenger hunt at 9:30 at night for chrissakes?You don’t just go around ringing doorbells and hoping that the person on the otherside will be calm enough and nice enough to root around looking for whatever idiot item you need.Especially at this hour of night.Most people are probably trying to go to bed,or get ready for bed,or have some nookie or watching the news or SOMETHING and would probably not like to be bothered,I assume.
Grr.And I hear more of them coming.If one more stupid group of kids I"m going to go ballistic and probably shred them to little bitty bits.Grr.


This is when you wait til they finish eating then go up to them and ask if they liked the “special seasoning” and let out the grossest horking sound you can dredge up. Then grin wickedly and walk away.

Ah, in a perfect world you could get away with such revenge without fear of reprisal. :smiley:

smacks herself and realizes it’s FRIDAY not Saturday and it should read if IT"S one more group of stupid kidsArrrgh.See this is how annoyed and pissed off I am.
But…on the upside…fifteen minutes ago,one kid(very brave)approached and rang my doorbell.I ripped him a new one and I guess word has gotten around because three or four more groups have passed by and nobody’s stopped.Good.I don’t want to be bothered.