Why are *some* people assholes?

This is a rant but it isn’t exactly pit worthy. Here’s the deal I work the midnight-4am shift at a computer lab here at my university and usually it’s a nice job. I’ll get a problem sometimes where I can’t help someone or I have to send someone somewhere else because of their problems. Usually the students are really nice about it and say thanks and go about there business. But no not fucking tonight I had to get the Queen of all MegaBitchs in here. ME and another lab assistant (who works midnight-2am) were talking about an accident she was involved in recently when a student yells excuse me!!! It’s late and I am trying to concentrate. Would you please shut up or move somewhere else and talk?
Jedus H. Priest I about fucking lost it right there. Who does this bitch think she is to come into my place of employment and tell me and another co-worker what to do? Rather than flip out on this girl and the asshole guy she was (with a great possibitly of losing my job) with I simply turned my back and kept my conversation at the same tone. Well about 5 minutes later she gets up rolls her chair about halfway across the room and basically leaves in a fit. GOOD GOD people it’s because of the willingness of people like me and my co-worker that someone can come in here a couple of hours before their papers are due and write the shit. It’s not my problem if their lazy asses don’t get their homework done.

Good gosh man I think I’ll bring me in something fully automatic and big into work tomorrow. Anyone starts pissing me off they are gonna get it. Okay well maybe not but it feels better to vent. Thanks you all for listening.

Ok, am I the only one vaguely… disturbed by this?

Whew… I thought this was about me.

And this should be in the pit, and I am disturbed.
If people start go missing in your town dude, we’ll know where to look.

What is there to be disturbed about. Ya know We all go a little mad sometimes

So do you get paid to be there? And she is there doing her college work?

Seems to me that she has every right to ask you to go elsewhere to conduct your chat. It’s preferable that she be courteous about it but then it’s preferable that you shut up when asked to as well.

If you truly are there through the goodness of your heart donating time, you still need to consider conducting your social life elsewhere.

And yep, I find it vaguely disturbing as well.

Yes I do get paid to be here. The thing that bugs me most about this I accidentally left out of the OP. The lab is COMPLETELY EMPTY no one else in here besides me and my co-worker. The lady decides to come down and sit right next to me although there are over 40 open computers. Minutes later this guy comes in and starts chatting with her. The thing that ticked me off alot also was that they were talking louder than me and my co-worker. It was a normal conversation if not closer to a whisper between me and my co-worker. I do not conduct my social life here. I talk about 10 minutes out of every 4 hours each night that I work. I’ve got alot of issues going on in my life and this was the straw that broke the camels back. But then again I guess I am just an ass

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Hey- it’s big and automatic isn’t it???

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Mr. Mighty Tiki God, you may be assured the SDMB staff will be discussing your OP and your continued posting privileges here. Statements like “I think I’ll bring me in something fully automatic and big into work tomorrow. Anyone starts pissing me off they are gonna get it,” are considered a serious violation of your user agreement. I suggest you refamiliarize yourself with it. Pronto.

Sorry everyone. I had a horribly bad night at work and just kinda flipped out. I hadn’t slept for about 2 days and everything everyone said was getting to me. I realize what I said was wrong and if need be I should pay the highest consequences. Normally I don’t get out of line like this and anyone if anyone is familiar with the way I post they’d probably agree with me on that. So again I apologize to anyone and everyone I have offended with my insesent ranting and raving about something was so insignificant.

tiki you need not apologize…Everyone needs to vent, and the moderators of this Pit need to reread your orignal post…

“I’ll bring me in something fully automatic and big into work tomorrow. Anyone starts pissing me off they are gonna get it. Okay well maybe not but it feels better to vent. Thanks you all for listening.”

You actual intent is obviously not violent…you clearly said “maybe not but it feels better to vent” A phyco doesn;t retract his statements as son as he says them. you corrected your error as soon as you said it. We all get flustrated…I am myself am going through stressfull times, I just listen to Eminem and have him vent for me, you chose to BBQ Pit…vent away I say.

Well at least 1 person caught what it is I was saying in that thread. I figured once someone saw immedeately after the “bad” remark that I said then “Okay well maybe not” would realize I was just venting off a little bit of anger. Either way I see it if a moderator here isn’t happy with what you say it’s better to apologize first and tell your story second.

Good call, Tiki God. Your sincere apology had quite a bit to do with redeeming your ass. And maybe I was a bit overzealous at that particular moment, too. As I saw this topic, I was also dealing with multiple identical topics started by that twit urlnotfound. I say this by way of explanation, not as an attempt to make excuses.

My apologies to you for over-reacting.


Mighty Tiki God

I mean this in all honsesty - Thank you. I have been having a hard time lately figuring out just what it is that pisses me off so much about most service people I have dealt with. Your statement:

Demonstrates this attitude perfectly. Rest assured, I am an extraordinaritly polite customer, but I am irritated by the attitude many people seem to ahve that it is the customers fault that they have to work, and that because of this, the customer should be apologetic for asking for service.

I am not attacking you, but you might want to think about your place in the scheme of things. Cheers

I never said it was the customers fault that I had to work. I simply stated that it is because of people like me and my co-workers that they can come in here and write there papers at 2am if they choose to do so. Now I’m sure since you read the WHOLE thread that you saw that I apologized and realized I was in the wrong. As a matter of fact every week this semester I’ve been employee of the week. You need not open a can of worms on this one. Just let it die and don’t piss me off anymore than I need to be pissed off.

Ok. I for one sympathize with Tiki. He/she had a bad day at work. Came here to spew what he/she can’t do at work and suddenly Tiki is semi-accused of being a psycho. People who work in such places have to put up with alot of shit. Whether Tiki was right or wrong isn’t really the issue. This prolly just happened one too many times and he/she had to scream about it somewhere and couldn’t do it at work. I wish I knew why some people are assholes.

see Tiki…things always seem to work themselves out :slight_smile:

everybody is an asshole to somebody