Asshole busdriver

Do you think it would be too much trouble for you to arrive at the bus stop at the same time each day? One day you’re there at the exact right time. The next you’re there 5 minutes early. The next you’re there 3 minutes late. And it’s not like there’s a pattern I can follow and get to know. No, you have to randomly mix them up.

Now if there was inclement weather, I could see you running late. Or if traffic was just that bad. But there isn’t any variable going on here… just me either standing at the stop for 5-10 minutes (depending on how early/on time I am and how late/early/on time you are) while getting “road crap” spewed up at me, or missing the bus entirely.

And it’s not like there is another one coming along in 15 minutes, the next bus doesn’t hit my stop for another 45 minutes. Can’t get to work on time that way, now can I?

There is a reason why the MTC has what they call “timed stops”. So the bus driver can make sure he’s not running early and missing people, or running late and making everyone on the bus late.

What is so fucking difficult about this concept, that you can’t understand it???