Astonishing performance, how do I link to it...

…without requiring people to go to facebook?

Here’s the link on facebook. I hope. Okay, I’ve checked it out in preview, and it is, but you have to be logged into FB to see it (I checked that, too).

Except I know that not everybody has, or wants to use Facebook. The video is of five little, and I mean TINY, Asian kids, three boys, and two girls, playing guitars bigger than they are. I get the impression that they’re from the PRC, although I can’t read what text there is on the video. The musical piece is GORGEOUS, and their performance is flawless.

The video is posted by some Turkish guy, and I can’t seem to find it by searching his website.

Please, somebody know how to find this video so non-FB-using Dopers can experience it, too.

Thank you for the consideration. I loath Facebook, and see it as a return to the “bad old days” of walled gardens like AOL, Compuserve and Prodigy.

I haven’t seen the whole video(can’t right now). How do we know it isn’t kids from South Korea?

The youtube video is titled “North Korean children playing guitar”.

For myself, I don’t. I just got a vibe of “tiny little kids groomed into delivering a remarkable performance in the service of glorifying the State” from the whole thing. Not something I’ve been conditioned to associate with, say, SK or Japan.

North Korea fits the vibe, I suppose. Still, I found it charming.

That is amazing. Those instruments are almost bigger than the kids are.
They seemed to be enjoying themselves too.

Somewhat surprisingly (I never trust YouTube titles), it’s actually from North Korea.

There’s Korean text at the beginning and a brief shot of a girl in a hanbok which places it in one of the Koreas. Then the boys during the performance are wearing Pioneer uniforms which means it’s the North.

Uh, so? You can title those anything and the person could have assumed it was NK.


Well, I knew it was Korean from the Korean language(I have been to Korea). I do agree that Young Pioneer uniforms(which I did not recognize) do indicate that it is NK.

Oh, and ccker, thanks for your useful post that contains insightful observations that don’t assume I didn’t read the youtube title. Nice answer!

Yes, it’s so horrible that someone explained the reason they thought it came from North Korea. Of course they were trying to insult you.

  1. Look for a title of the video. In this case, “Perfect Children”.
  2. Open up Google.
  3. Type “perfect children video”.
  4. Hit enter.

Am I tone deaf? I think you might have seen some snark that wasn’t actually intended…

Thanks to all who helped me pin this down. Had I only had access to the video through FB, I might not be able to count on finding it again three weeks from now.

So, do we let the thread die from here, or talk about how much we enjoyed it, or about how horrible it is that those babies were enslaved to be able to put out that performance for a bunch of commies, or what?

For readers of Korean, does the writing at the beginning identify the title or composer of the piece?

God that was creepy.

Maybe it’s my pre-conceptions about North Korea, but some of the smiles look forced, like a kind of rictus. And the boy on the left looks like he’s going to grow up to be dictator some day.

Seriously, isn’t this just propaganda?

This. I can practically see the marionette strings.

Every smile, head turn, bob, and ruffle is carefully scripted.

You’re probably right. I can be stupidly naive.



yeah seriously, the grins look so… fixated. and i know i’m not biased because i didn’t read the text until i watched the clip.

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