Astronaut kidnapping scheme

Here’s a link.

Just saw this story on the news. Basically this astronaut found out the guy she was in love with, also an astronaut, was dating someone else and she decided to kidnap the other woman. She drove all the way from Houston to Orlando to make it to the airport by the time the woman’s flight was getting in. The attempted kidnapper pepper sprayed the woman and wore a wig and a trench coat as a disguise. On the news they said she also wore a diaper while on her roadtrip to save time :eek:, but that’s not in the article for some reason. Bizarre. She’s certainly not someone I’d like to be stuck in a space shuttle with.

I was just coming here to post that. I’d have to say when I heard it on the news that I definitely had my WTF moment for the month. The bit about the diaper is mentioned in this report, and here’s her NASA bio. The whole thing is very bizarre.

You don’t suppose she could be suffering from… SPACE MADNESS?!

[Dr. Nowakurter]Or else my mind may well snap![/Dr. Nowakurter]

First, hats off to Lisa for that first rate Nick Nolte style mugshot. That will be a classic one day. Thanks, Lisa!

Second, read this bit by Fox News:

WTF? Shipman was flying from Houston to Orlando. Nowak drove from Houston to Orlando and made it in time to confront Shipman? That takes more than diapers, man. That takes one hell of a fast car.

Remember, all astronauts wear diapers in spacesuits. Or, at least, the last time I checked they did. It’s about as unusual for one to wear one for a long drive as it would be for me to have a spare operating system somewhere around my person.

Yeah, but instead of jumping on a plane and using the restroom conveniently provided on the aircraft, and saving many, many hours in the process, she went to the store, got some diapers, then jumped into the car for a cross-country drive…so she could save time.

She has, unfortunately, cracked.

The CNN link with bedraggled mugshot:

This story is just a cornucopia of weirdness: astronauts, classic mugshot, diapers, and the fact that the CNN URL titles the article “”


That space tourist who was going to go up dressed as a Gundam character doesn’t look that crazy now, does he?

Maybe it’s time to start that “Weird Astronaut Tricks” thread—so far I can think of Captain Adult-Undergarments here, the mission specialist who’s buried somewhere on Everest, and that Air Force X-15 pilot who went on to fly combat missions in 'Nam.

Here’s MSNBC’s coverage of this, they have video. MSNBC says Oefelein isn’t married.

The first one I saw was the report linked in the second post.

To think that someone so wrong in the head (assuming the reports are correct etc etc) has made it all the way to Navy Captain is kind’a scary. For some reason I always hope that managers whose jobs include Things That Go Boom won’t be as dumb as the rest of humanity…

(Sorry, haven’t slept enough and that always makes me cranky)

The last stronghold of the American Hero is now firmly wedged in the shitter.

Her behavior is perfectly consistent with astronaut and Navy pilot training. They’re always ordered to go for it, to get out there and GET THE JOB DONE NO MATTER WHAT!

This is what the woman was doing.

Her behavior is perfectly consistent with being an astronaut, in fact, I’m surprised this sort of thing doesn’t happen more often with astronauts.

The further you let their leash extend from the kitchen, the crazier they get.

Women in space. What will they think of next. . .a monkey in space?

Heh. Why don’t they post this on Spaceref? Are they going to play the trial on the NASA channel? :slight_smile:

Houston, we have a Nasahole.

The BBC confirm the wearing of a nappy/diaper and add that she was also armed with a steel mallet in addition to the airgun and knife.

And the four feet of rubber tubing.
And the latex gloves.
And the Hefty sacks.

Frankly I’m not surprised they initially held her without bail. The whole ensemble of tools creeps me out in a not-fun way. Maybe I just watch too much TV.

And copies of love-letter e-mails from Shipman to the gent in question. How you suppose she got hold of those?

And what do you suppose her kids are thinking right now? “My mom had the hots for this astronaut, so she went to see the Other Woman armed with rubber gloves, a knife, and Hefty sacks.”

The more disturbing possibility is that she’s been carrying diapers, pepper spray, rubber tubing, wig, trench coat, mallet, and knife in her car all along in anticipation of this type of situation arising.

crackel pop

It’s a bad day to be a PAO (public affairs officer) at NASA.