Astronomer dopers - how to pronounce Schmidt-Cassegrain

This telescope’s name is often lovingly shortened to “Schmidt-Cass”.

But what is the correct pronunciation of “Cassegrain”?

Is the French way, or has it been anglicized?



The -a-, as in uh.



“throat-warbler mangrove”

I’ve only ever heard CASS-a-grain.

Culturally-Illiterate Martian-American.

Oohh… oohh, while you’re here kids, how do I pronounce the word Bootes, the name of a rather dull constelation that I have never heard spoken.

For a long time I thought the star was BETAL LAY GUISSIE


The second o should have a diaeresis, indicating that the two o’s are pronounced separately: Boötes, not as a dipthong as in “baby booties.”

And Boötes isn’t dull! Aside from being the most fun-to-pronounce constellation (say it from deep in your belly: booooooo-OAT-es!) it contains Arcturus!

Why, a regular Boötes-booster, I am!

I believe Boötes is the teamster who drives a pair of oxen. Right?

Camelopardalis kicks Boötes butt in the fun-to-pronounce competition ! :stuck_out_tongue:

I had that once. No fun during a long observing session.

Which in turn has its butt kicked by the Babylonian name for Zeta Tauri, the star at the tip of the southern horn of Taurus the bull: Shurnarkabti-sha-shutu

I’ve always had a soft spot for Alpha, Beta and Gamma Librae, also known as Zubenelgenubi, Zubeneschamali, and Zubenelhakrabi respectively.

Cass -e- gran is how we pronounce it.