Doper names you have mispronounced.

I just recently discovered that I have been pronouncing the name Persephone, incorrectly, all this time.

I had been pronouncing it as “purse-eh-phone.”
[sub]That’s “purse” as in handbag, “eh” as in Canadian, and “phone” as in telephone :rolleyes:[/sub]

Of course, the correct pronunciation is “purrs-ef-oh-nee” :o
[sub]“purrs” as in cat, “ef” as in effective, “oh” as in Oh!, and “nee” as in knee.[/sub]


I think most everyone got Gaudere’s name wrong for a very long time. (It’s three syllables.)

Well, some gal’s got a name that’s AnnaLise or something like that and my mistake with it is obvious. Not intentional, mind you, butt obvious.

Iampunha I have trouble with even after he told us how to pronounce it.

Scylla until I realised that this was part of a line in Wrapped Around Your Finger*

And don’t even get me started about thinks now

[sup][/sup]You consider me the young apprentice
Caught between the scylla and charbides.
Hypnotized by you if I should linger
Staring at the ring around your finger

It’s a lower-case L in my name, not a capital i! lno! Not Ino!

::pant pant pant::

Just had to preempt it…


I don’t know about pronunciation, but I was just struck by a realization yesterday: I just got the joke in Knowed Out (no doubt), after seeing it for months. A real “Duh!” moment.

If it’s three syllables, I think it would be pronounced:


So is it go-dee-air then or what?

I personally have never been able to figure out if gobear is go bear or gob ear (or some other construction that has yet to occur to me (but I always pronounce it as the former in my head)…

Same with Mangetout; I always think Mange tout (French for “eats a lot”), but then it occurred to me that it could just be Man get out, which would also make sense…

Darn it, I need to start using Preview more…

I always pronounce Maeglin as Magellan in my head.

lno I pronounce leh-now, even thought I know it should be el-en-no.

That’s all I can think of now.

I pronounced Mnementh as Mnemeth ('cause I for some reason thought it was spelled Mnemneth).

I tried to correct his name when I saw him in chat :slight_smile:

I was caught by surprise by astorian’s response to my posting in this thread:

“‘Chuck’? Who’s ‘Chuck’? Oh. That’s supposed to be me…”

I have no ideea how to pronounce Daowajan. I say something like “Dow-a-gin”

Also, I can’t help but mispronounce iampunha (“I am poon-ah” and Scylla (“Sky-la”) I know that’s wrong, but I just can’t get the right version in my head.

Ditto on Mangetout…

could not figure why he or she had the mange and why tout it?


I’m fairly sure, of the subset of Dopers who have seen and tried to pronounce my name, a large majority of them got it wrong.

If it’s any consolation, I mispronounced it for a couple of years before I found out how it’s really pronounced.

Try this…


Yeah, I thought the G was soft and I had the stress on the wrong syllable.

Wow. That’s a cool link! And I stand corrected.

And which is the correct pronunciation for Gaudere???

I’m so confuzzled!

Oh, and Shibb, which syllable has the accent in yours?

Well, I thought I had Genseric (not Jen-sehr-ick) and Gaudere (not Gawd-ear) right, but I guess not.