.asx file codec problem

I use Windows XP and Media Player 9. I have a .asx file that won’t play on my computer. The Media Player says that it cannot find the proper audio codec for the file.

This is very strange, because I have the Nimo Codec pack installed, which contains about every codec that is available. What is even more strange, is the fact that the .asx file could be played in my laptop, which had Windows Millenium and no codecs installed.

Any help with that problem? (By the way, it is a german video showing a CBR 1100 doing 320 km/h on a public road :eek: )

Hey, Dog, is there a link to that file on the web?

If there is, give it to me and i’ll try to run it on my XP computer.

Also, i think it would be :cool: to see.

Is the file only a few kilobytes large? Usually (always?) .asx files are simply URL shortcuts–the extension for the real video file in that format is .asf.

Here it is:


Download all five parts and uncompress. Sorry about that, but Pathfinder won’t allow files bigger than 1MB

Seem to me as if the audio is either not present or somehow mangled. VideoLan, or BSPLayer etc. will play it (just without audio).

Looks like WMP9 refuses to do anything unless everything is tickety-boo.

What you probably need is Gspot

Available from…

Just tried it with BSplayer myself and as NSWBlues said, video is fine, audio dead.

Try downloading the MPEG version of the clip from here…


It’s 35Mb but sound is fine :slight_smile: