AT$T Worldnet, is it worth $7/month

Well, as of last November, AT$T started to charge us here at SterlingNorth manor a minimum access charge totaling $5.61 a month. Of course, since we used to generally average $3 or so in long distance, the are paying double for service. Add to that, they dumped us off the True Reach program, meaning we average 10 cents or more a minute.

Well, since they are ripping us off on the phone side, why not let them do the same via internet access.

They have a deal where they’ll charge $7/month for internet access if we sign up for 7 cents a minute long distance. That will average about $10 a month total ($7 net – $3 phone). This will be significantly less than what I’m paying to Erols (now Starpower), which is about $180 a year.

I want to know, in the DC area, is AT$T worth the $7, Erols have given me no trouble whatsoever, but if AT$T gives me identical quality service, this is too good to pass up.

While, I can’t help you with the $7 buck plan, I can help with telling you, that I have the $4.95 online monthly program, and they are pretty fast, and you can click their ads away…of course, you have to KEEP clicking them away, 'cause they come back!

Good luck.

I sure hope there’s no ad bar. I’m lead to believe that the 7/7 plan is the unlimited access plan. Though there appears to only be four access numbers for the DC area.

I hope it won’t be busy signals.

Sure, $7 now. Wait until 6 months when they jack it up to $20/month cause by then you have established your email & all & won’t mind paying more I suppose. Don’t they always do it this way?

I just signed up for this.

So far, not too bad. One night, I got my connection dropped about 3x in a 2 hour period, but other than that it’s been fine for the 2 or 3 weeks we’ve had it.

Sterling, there is a little ad bar. It’s about 3 inches wide by one inch tall. You can shove it up in the upper right corner of IE and it is not obtrusive at all.

Anti, it is the same internet service that you pay $4.95 a month for. This 7/7 plan includes 7¢ a minute LD calls, 24 hours a day.
Also, I heard of a little app that will automatically kill all those popup ads…I’ll see if I can find it.

Overall, Sterling Not quite as good as Mindspring was. But I am paying 65% less than I was. It seems worth it to me.

** mouthbreather, ** I wondered if it was the same, since mine is with the ad bar and 150 hours a month at $4.95, but it’s also on a credit card, and I wasn’t that crazy about putting my long distance on a credit card…since my son is in college farrrrrr away, I tend to have rather high bills. I hope you check back in, after you get a few bills for both, and tell us how you like it.

I will check in after I get a bill or two. I might need a reminder, though.

Also, Anti I did find that app I was talking about. It’s very simple vb script that keeps your “exploring bar” minimized. It’s only about 17k. If you want it, shoot me an email – it’s in my profile.

I have to wonder: You get a panel that is REQUIRED to be on top of everything while you are connected, you get pop-up ads that you have to click off, AND you have to pay $5.00 per month to have this? Sounds like you are paying $5.00 per month just to get annoyed while you are online.

80-90% of my internet use is at work on a T1.

I probably wouldn’t have swtiched if that weren’t the case, but it doesn’t make sense to me to pay full price for an ISP at home for something I may use 15-25 hours per month. As a secondary provider for my home computer which doesn’t log too much internet time, it’s fine for me.

Don’t forget that ATT fine print:
*Telephone access (including local, long distance or 800/888 facility) charges to reach AT&T
WorldNet Service, and other charges and taxes may apply. 800/888 telephone access charges
will be billed to your credit card (supplied during registration). A 9.9% Universal Connectivity
Charge also applies. You must call 1 877 626-9531 to change or cancel your AT&T WorldNet
Service or AT&T Residential Long Distance Service. If you change your AT&T Residential Long
Distance calling plan or leave AT&T Residential Long Distance Service and do not cancel your
AT&T WorldNet Service, you will automatically be billed for the Service at the then current rate
for the standard i495SM Offer (currently 4.95 per month). The i495 Offer includes 150 hours of Internet access (.99 each additional hour). If you change or cancel your AT&T WorldNet
Service, you will remain on the AT&T 7/7 Offer for your long distance service unless you call to
change or cancel your AT&T calling plan. The AT&T 7/7 Offer is not available to Mac users at
this time. Other terms and conditions apply. Offer subject to change and billing availability.
It’s that final line that gets to me…


I don’t think I understand your aversion, since it seems to be centered on the point that “they might raise the price in the future”. I’ll bet that most ISP’s fine print says the exact same thing. If they do raise the price, I’ll cancel. Not a big deal.

I appreciate the offer, ** mouthbreather, ** but I doubt I’m computer savvy enough to apply your neat find! The little bar doesn’t bother me after having NetZero’s flashing ones; I HATED those!

** Dragwyr, ** five dollars may seem like to much to spend, but while I have a free ISP too, I still prefer non flashing ads, and choose to go online with AT&T. If ** handy’s ** dire predictions come true, then maybe I’ll just keep the headache tablets close by and just use NetZero.

NetZero is no longer free…sigh, right? Juno is, though.

MSN from Costco was $12 when I saw it at few months back.

I know a guy who pays for AOL, $29.00/month & it’s full of ads, I can’t believe all the ads.

I have no need for a credit card and I’m not going to change that now! I guess I’ll have to call and figure out if they’ll let me pay by check.

Everybody want’s a credit card number. Whatever happened to cash.