At what point does a girl become a tease?

After how many partially unclothed make out sessions does a girl become a cock tease if she isn’t having sex. Does this change if she is upfront about the no-sex provisio, at least none for the time being? Is there a point where you cut bait and bail even if she has stated that there will be sex if and when she feels comfortable.

  1. One.

  2. Maybe.

  3. Oh, okay, nevermind. She’s a tease.

If she’s getting nekkid with you and not having sex that’s kind of mean. I take it this is a young girl?

Well, I might reconsider my answer. If she always tells you tonight is not the night, but she’ll make out with you if you want, then that is fair, I suppose. If it’s more like “Tonight may be the night-----no, stop, it’s not,” then 3) still stands.

I am a girl, so I’m not the one being teased. And as of yet I haven’t been a tease. Both people involved are over the age of 25 so this isn’t a youth thing.

She never becomes a tease, especially if she’s up front about not being willing to have sex. In fact, the definition of a tease is that she’s not honest about the fact that she won’t have sex.

If the guy’s only interested in sex, he should get a hooker. Women are allowed to refuse to have sex for any reason or no reason at all. And any guy that would pressure a girl into having sex with labels like “cock tease” is a schmuck that isn’t mature enough to be dating anyway.

So as long as she says “There won’t be any sex for a while and I will let you know when that is, but I am game to keep making out” then she isn’t being tease?

She becomes a tease only if she marries you and then still won’t do it. Until then, if you want to play in her toybox, you do so only by permission.

Yeah, chestnutmare, I’d say so. Making out can be a pleasant event all by itself. It becomes manipulative if she gives the impression that each time miiiiiight be it–and then cuts it short. Now, I don’t mean to say that a woman (or man) can’t ever change his or her mind in the middle of a make-out session. And of course, it should stop when she says it should stop, regardless of whether she’s being a twit or not.

He just has to decide how much of that kind of frustration he is willing to put up with.

At sixteen…


Tease? Huh? No! What an annoying idea!

It’s pretty simple: sex gets to happen if and when all parties want it to happen. If any part wants it to stop, there has GOT to be a no-fault stop.

What you CAN fault someone for is for beginning the process. If you feel someone started the ball rolling, knowing they were going to stop it, as a way of manipulating you, spiting you, or otherwise being a jerk, then that’s pretty cruddy of them. And you ought to take steps to prevent that from ever happening in the future.


They weren’t at fault for stopping having sex; they were at fault for starting having sex dishonestly. That’s a really important distinction.

That said, there are plenty of circumstances where somebody might change their mind:

  • They’re not sober.
  • They’ve been sexually assaulted in the past, and sex is calling up painful memories for them. DO NOT DISCOUNT THIS AS A POSSIBLE REASON!
  • They were having sex for bad reasons (feeling like they owed it to you or something), not realizing how their lack of attraction to you was going to make it supericky.
  • A physiological condition makes sex painful for them.
  • You’re a clumsy lover.
  • They weren’t intending to have sex at all, and figured you’d both enjoy a good session of making out.
  • Others I haven’t thought of.

Jumping to the conclusion that someone is trying to manipulate you is gonna make you hostile toward them, and will probably guarante that they’ll not be attracted to you. In any case, if you think that’s going on, you really ought to keep out of bed with them in the future.

I don’t think the idea of someone being a tease (in a negative sense of the word) is a useful idea 99% of the time. Certainly it’s not useful enough that the questions in the OP can be answered simply.

And BobLibDem, please tell me you’re not serious. My apologies for being dense, but marital rape was only outlawed a decade or so ago in my state, and people actually say things like that seriously around these parts.


A tease is solely the fault of the teasee. there is no obligation to do anything. only your expectations carry the tease perception. If you cant see that perhaps you’re not ready yourself for someone who knows their limits. Find another bed-happy person to quench your flesh desires. And this is not an aged person with experience. I’m 16, male and happy with myself. Figure it out.

I don’t think it’s right to get naked with someone and get them excited only to say no at the last minute. I would put up with this one time before moving on to someone else.

Of course the other party has a right to say no, but that doesn’t mean they should take cruel liberty with that right.

The other person is just hoping that in the middle of the hot ‘n’ sweaties she’ll change her mind. Up-front saying “no sex” pretty much means just that. Still, entirely possible for this woman to change her mind in the midst of the hot ‘n’ sweaties, but hoping she does and getting upset when she doesn’t is not her fault. Her fella needs to deal with the no sex, or find a different girlfriend.

[aside]I just thought up the phrase “hot ‘n’ sweaties” and I like it. I’m going to use it often, I think.[/aside] :smiley: