Athletic fit jeans

My girlfriend plays Ultimate Frisbee, and the girls on her team have trouble finding jeans that fit as the season goes on. Are there any jeans that are made to fit people with small waists and large quads?

I look for a tag that says “loose fit”, and that works pretty well for me.

In some brands, “wide leg” jeans give you a snug seat and loose legs.

Carpenter jeans are cut rather loosely as well.

Of course, carpenter jeans also look frumpy almost by definition, so they may not fill the bill if she wants something that actually looks, you know, stylish or flattering.

And ice cream only comes in vanilla, right?

Not all carpenter jeans are frumpy. I have several pair, since I like the loose fit also. The ones I have are Wrangler. Take a look around at different brands, they’re not all cut the same way. YMMV.

Do they still make Zubaz? Now that’s stylish! :smiley:

(Warning: I work in clothing retail and am a bit obsessed with finding everyone the perfect pair of jeans)

I would recomend trying men’s cut jeans. If they are a good cut to begin with, they should be attractive on and be a bit more generous in the thighs. They will also sit about an inch higher on the waist, which a lot of girls like, especially if they are built a bit bigger. The men’s pocket treatments of, at least designer, jeans look the same and no one will be able to notice a difference.

I’ve got the same problem as do a lot of my rowers friends including the trendy junior rowers. It sucks. The jeans style right now is very close-fitting in the thighs and usually I either wind up with jeans I can’t even pull up above the knee or, if they fit the thighs, they’re huge on the waist area (jeans today don’t really go to the waist, they’re lowriders and fit at the hipbone).

Best advice I have is to look for jeans with lycra. Sounds like an abomination but the stretch really helps. My highschool girls all tell me both Seven and Lucky dreams have styles that fit great for curvy girls. However, those jeans are really expensive, like over $100 a pair. I’m tempted tho’, if I could get jeans that fit well, I’d totally spend it.