Atlanta bound

Well, it is official. I am joining the great power company in the peach state at the beginning of April and becoming an official Georgia resident again. I get to basically run my own projects, be the systems admin for 3 different accounting systems, and do a lot of work revamping the department. Yahoo. And, lots more money, and we are back in the town we wanted to move to, which means we can start coaching basketball again. Yay!!

On the negative side, my posting frequency is likely to take a big hit, so make sure to email me when there is another Atlanta doper rally.

You say neato, check your libido, and roll to the church in your new tuxedo.

Congratulations! This must be the month for new jobs for SDMB’ers!

Hope you enjoy it as much as you anticipate!!!

Hey Mull,

While you are down there, please tell Cremmins to work the team on rebounding and free-throw shots. I just don’t get it, they have Mark Price - arguably the best charity stripe guy the NBA has ever seen, and they cannot make those shots to save their lives.

Oh, by the way, can I crash at your pad when I come for Bravos games ? :wink:

Good luck man. Its a great town . . . if you discount the traffic.

Remember, if the doorway is low - DUCK !

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I’d love to tell Cremins that, but I am sure you have heard that he is over and done with when the year is over. As for Mark Price, the players have to be willing to work for his knowledge to pay off. There may be some issues there.

May have to catch a Braves game after work sometime.

You say neato, check your libido, and roll to the church in your new tuxedo.

Mullinator, glad to see you coming back.

I used to work for Southern Company Services (a subsidiary of the parent company that owns GP). I hope all works out for you. Will you be downtown in the main building?

After you get settled in, we will have to get a doper get together planned.

Have you decided what part of town you want to move to. The west side (past Six Flags) is fairly good and not too bad of traffic if you are heading downtown.

E-mail me if you need anything.


Oddly enough, I will be in the Southern Company Services located in the downtown building.

We will initially be moving to the Suwanee area (85N) mainly because my parents have a house with a finished basement. This will give us more time and less stress to find an apartment or house. We are looking at the 85N area (Gwinnett mainly) We both went to high school in that area, know it well, and like it. We are also considering the Buckhead, Doraville, Vinings areas, along with the area between 400 and 85.

You say neato, check your libido, and roll to the church in your new tuxedo.

Hey Mullinator…

I’m happily living the suburbs here in Gwinnett (Duluth, actually). If I can get you any info or anything please let me know.

Mullinator, man, unless you get up reallll early, the drive is gonna be terrible. But living with your family will give you an opportunity to find out how you like the drive.

I hope all goes well.



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I live in Roswell, and I love it. Of course I don’t have to fight the GA-400 traffic every morning. I live about 10 minutes from work (just North of North Point Mall, in Alpharetta).

Have you been back to Atlanta recently? You might be in for a big surprise. The area around the Mall of Georgia keeps growing and growing. That has to be the hottest real estate going now.

Welcome home.


Yes, I have been in Atlanta recently. My parents live about 15 minutes from the Mall of Georgia, so I have seen the growth (otherwise known as future sprawl.)

Thanks for the good wishes and offers, dopers. Right now our big tasks are getting things closed up here. I doubt we will spend much time looking for an apartment or house until reach town. Does anyone know of a good Atlanta apartment finder online other than Rentnet?

You say neato, check your libido, and roll to the church in your new tuxedo.

Mullinator, where did you go to high school? I grew up in Suwanee and went to North Gwinnett. I think you’re closer to my sister’s age, though (she went to NG too).

Mull, I live in Snellville and drive to within a half mile of your new office each day. I leave early, about 6:15, take 78/Scott/Ponce all the way, 40-45 mins. Try to leave between 4:30 and 4:45 and do only a little worse on the drive home.

Survive the drive with books on tape, Gwinnett County Public Library is excellent, you can access the library and reserve books online.

But Joe, I live in Cobb (near Six Flags) and leaving at 6:15 I can get to that downtown office in 15 - 20 minutes. I personally hate 85 through town.

Just my thoughts.

No, Mullinator, I do not know of a online apartment resource.


Congrats, Mully!

Another vote for Snellville here. Of course, I work near Hartsfield and basically drive against traffic both ways, but Snellville is a great burg.

PS - I’m with an EMC, so I won’t mind if one of your projects fries a grid or two - experiment!

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Well Dr, Jackson, I would love to help, but somehow I don’t see how devising an online payables system will fry a grid. But give me a chance, I can make magic happen.

Strainger, I went to Parkview (but only for my senior year, Colorado before that) and graduated in 93.

I have used the 78/Ponce route for college travel and liked it. I have used the 85 route and liked it, providing I left at the right times. I imagine I will start with 85 and then work on a new route once we become completely settled in a new place.

If my wife works downtown, we will likely move into an apartment right next to my work, basically giving me the easiest commute in the world.

Hey Mullinator, my brother-in-law works at the Southern Company, and in fact, I believe he would be in the very department you describe.

As I write, I am peering out my window at your future office building. (My own office is in Peachtree Center.)

Welcome back to Atlanta!

Spoke, this is getting creapy. I’m in Peachtree Center too. That may be specific enough for a public forum. If you like, send me an email, maybe we are in the same office and don’t know it.

Mull, you graduated in '93!? You punk. Sheesh, you’re making me feel practically OLD!

I actually get that quite a lot. My career path has taken me higher than most people my age, so I am usually the youngest person in any meeting, project, etc. So I continually hear things about how I don’t even remember the 70’s etc. Goes along really well with the questions “How tall are you” and “Do you play basketball”.

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