Hotlanta, here we come!

Our quest to leave the lovely city of Miami has finally paid off. This very day, UncleBill has accepted a job offer in Lithonia, GA, tentatively starting on March 15. Now we’re facing a flurry of activity, culling excess stuff, packing and generally getting the heck out of Dodge.

We’re very excited about this, as Miami is really not the place we want to be long-term. We’ve enjoyed the tropical climate, but disliked a lot of other things about living here. Atlanta puts us much closer to family, and the job looks like it’s going to be much better than the one he’s leaving.


Stop in Orlando on your way up :slight_smile:

Welcome to Atlanta! There’s quite a few of us here and, of the ones I’ve met, they all rock.

Atlanta is much more conducive to stalking Andruw Jones, so that’s an added benefit:D And they’ll most likely have a home date or three with the Padres, so you’ll get to watch Brady Anderson, too;)

another welcome to atlanta here!

Cool. That’s just one step closer to Greenville. :wink:

Well, pun, I’m not sure Brady will be actually playing with the Padres this season–looks like he was with their AAA affiliate in Portland last year–but if it turns out he’s suited up I’ll be one happy girl.

dutchboy208, we may actually be stopping in O-town on the way up. We’ve been requested to make a stop in Tampa, so if we’re taking the long way we’ll be sure to pause to greet the lovely and talented katiekilldare. Keep an eye out for another thread.

That’s funny and all, but I must implore you to lay off mah man! Now that Javy’s gone, I have no choice but to turn my obsessive thoughts elsewhere. :slight_smile:

p.s. I don’t know about the rest of these guys but mouthbreather and I hate the term “Hotlanta.” Be forewarned.

My apologies, gooti. Don’t worry, I’m not likely to use the term very often. It’s just kind of fun to say every once in a while.