ATLANTA DOPERS: Guess who's coming to supper!

Okay, before we get to that, I have to say this.

You know how, when you were composing your first thread–or, hell, even your first post–on this board, and you wanted to write something intelligent, witty, or *whatever * so that people’s eyes wouldn’t glaze over whenever they henceforth and forever more saw your name? And do you remember the sweaty palms and nervous breathing as you typed, then checked, re-checked, and re-checked again just to make sure that every tittle and whatever you cross your t’s with was just so? And do you remember (before we had the edit function) that feeling of imminent doom (a.k.a. potentially life-long embarrassment b/c what happens on the internet, **stays ** on the internet) in the moments after you irrevocably hit the “submit” button?

Well, that was me. Until just now, then I thought to myself, “Aww, fuck it, Li’l Pluck–you’ll wow them in person.”*

Which brings me back to…

Guess who’s coming to supper?

Yep. Me, the handsome/fine/hot (so I’m occasionally told by folks other ** than my mama–not, mind you, that it ever gets me laid), smart (again, so I’m told, though I’m not sure about that–yeah, I got issues), sweet (HAH!), inimitable (NO DOUBT!), ONE and ONLY gay, Black, Jewish, atheist, of Southern heritage Li’l Pluck.

And if you want to take this once in a lifetime (thus far) opportunity to meet me, then I’m all yours. Okay, mostly yours.

Here’s the deal: Over the weekend of July 27th-29th, I’m going to my beloved*** South Carolina for a family reunion. I’ve decided to make a long(er) weekend of things, though, so I’ll be bookending my trip home with a side visit to Atlanta.

I don’t have any set-in-stone plans, save to visit the King Center for Nonviolence and, providing that I can get in touch with him, meet up with an Atlanta acquaintance whom I haven’t seen in a few years, so I’m fairly wide open.


WED., JULY 25TH: Arrive at ATL late morning/early noon. Go to my hotel and nap (I work at night, so I will have been up all night), then check out my hotel’s cocktail hour for guests (free alcohol=I’m there).

Free: From around seven-ish or so until whenever.

THURS., JULY 26TH: Spend the day checking out the King Center and the surrounding neighborhood, and anything else that piques my interest.

**Free: Early evening into late evening (no later than midnight). (Unless someone wants to check out the King Center with me and then grab lunch. Or not ** check out the KC, but still grab lunch with me.)

FRI., JULY 27TH: As early in the AM as I can manage (but definitely by 08:00), rent a car and make the 5.5- to 6-hour drive to South Carolina (have to be there for the reunion kick-off–a semi-formal family supper–by early evening).

MON., JULY 30TH: Return to Atlanta by early evening.

Free: Early evening or so, but can’t stay out too late, because…

TUES., JULY 31ST: Fly back to EWR first thing in the morning.

So, yeah, that’s the deal.

I realize that this is short notice (for which I apologize), and I realize that y’all have (a) jobs; (b) school; © families; (d) lives, and (e) possibly no interest whatsoever in meeting/hanging out (I, myself, am like that **most ** of the time, so even extending this invitation is something of a departure for me), so I’ll certainly understand if folks can’t make it, but I think it would be interesting to put some faces (and IRL personalities) to some of the folks here.

If you’re interested–or if you just want to extend your regrets at not being able to make it–you may do so here or, if you prefer e-mail, my address is in my profile.

NOTE: I’m not asking for a mini-Dopefest or anything like that–meeting just one or two folks is fine by me–but if a few of you are interested and the times match up, perhaps we can meet en masse.

Thanks, and please be well.

–Li’l Pluck

*=I’m actually shy/introspective/an introvert/don’t-wanna-be-bothered-with-most-folks, but tend to be okay (and charming and interesting, so they tell me) with others—depending, of course, on the company—once I reach something that can loosely be described as a “comfort level”.

**=At least I think I’m the only one on this board. If I’m not, please contact me–we simply *must * talk! :slight_smile:

***=Beloved, despite the many religious nutjobs, racists, homophobes/heterocentrists, sexists, other assorted bigots, and all-around propagators of obscurantism who reside in and who run the state. Sigh, is *nothing * sacred?

Too bad we’re not still around Atlanta, the best Thai food I’ve ever eaten was at a little place across from NajaHusband’s undergrad apartment.

Too bad, indeed!

Thanks for the drive-by, though! :slight_smile:

Ah, well, back to the drawing board.

Friends don’t let friends kill their own threads.

Awwww, thanks, dude. :slight_smile: It was gettin’ kinda lonely over here.

(I’ll be saving an empty tin can for you. Y’know–just for old time’s sake.) :wink:

But, hey! There are a few more days to go yet, so maybe it’ll pick up, right? Maybe over the weekend, right? Right?