Doper meeting in ATL, deja vu?

I remember back when I was merely a lurker, reading about a doper meeting in ATL. Is there a mandatory waiting period before another one can occur, or is it okay to organize another one. If so, let’s come up with some dates, times, and places, and let’s light this candle. Wooohoooo!

So, ummmmm, anyone out there like to get together in ATL?

Patience is not my virtue…

I’ve got it. This can be the thread where I decide to get together with myself and meet myself, and I will do it somewhere in Atlanta.

Sure, I’d like to get together with some people in Atlanta, especially since I had to cancel out on the Raleigh gathering. However, since Atlanta’s three hours away from me, I kind of have to wait for someone to set a date and time and see if I can manage it. If you get any takers, I’d love to join in if I can.

Why don’t you try to make SanibelMan’s Gulf Coast FL gathering?

From the looks of things, he’s gonna be the only guy entertaing a bevy of chicks. A teen shouldn’t be allowed to have that much fun.

At the last ATL meeting, the only gals that showed up just happened to be in town from NY (or NJ).

Only three hours???


Downtown Atlanta is a little too much for me for a lunch break. (If I remember correctly, that’s how the last one was planned?)

I live in Roswell, and work in Norcross. Buckhead is about as far south as I would care to go. North of I-285 would be even better. There’s a ton of restaurants around Ashford Dunwoody Rd.

One of these days, I’m going to attend one of these things.

There was an evening get-together (which I didn’t go to) and a lunch get-together (planned mainly because we had a doper from back East visiting our fair burg.) The odd thing is that no doper attended both meetings.

I’m up for a get-together. Might as well meet more people and reacquaint with those I have already met. If something gets thrown together I’ll do my best to make it.

An evening or weekend gathering would be nice. The luncheon was too short; there wasn’t much time for conversation or getting to know one another.

I agree with Enright3 that north is better, but if we do this on a weekend, that won’t be such a problem. There’s plenty of public areas where a nice sized gathering could be done.

ChrisP, if you wanna start us off with some location choices, let me suggest scheduling something far enough ahead for people to make plans for, but not so far out that they lose interest. Say, between two and six weeks ahead?

How does everyone feel about the days August 5, 12, 19 or 26 (all Saturdays)?

That’s cool, Enright. I live in Norcross and work in Duluth. Maybe we should all do a Saturday at teh Mello Mushroom or something.

Assuming it’s a night or weekend thing, you can most likely count me in. Wait, also assuming we’re going somewhere where I can drink. :slight_smile: I live in Gwinnett county and work in Buckhead, so I’m pretty flexible.

Okay, how does the 12 of August sound? Now, let’s think of a cool place to do it. Maybe we could plan a barbecue or something cool like that, and then we could swim in my pool.
Now, is it just going to be a Sausage fest, or do you think some women would like to attend.

With an invitation like that, how could any woman resist?

Assuming this is on a weekend, my GF will most likely join me.

Same here.

The 12th is fine for me, ChrisP. But what was that about barbecued sausages?

Ouch! not barbequed, just a sausage, no cooking or barbequing or anything like that. Any suggestions for a place?

August 12th will work for me, depending on the exact hour and location.

OKay folks we have a time, now we need a place. Is anyone keeping track of who is attending?

How about meeting somewhere we could actually cook out? (You got me thinking about BBQ now…) I have no problem bringing a grill and charcoal and some Grillable Food Items®. This would also be much easier to coordinate with a sizeable group of people than a restaurant.

Maybe we could see who’s up for this, get geographical preferences and then choose a site?

The list so far (I think):

ChrisP One Kenobe
xenophon41, GF (possibly) and son (if this is on Aug 12)
mouthbreather and GF (possibly)


Sorry guys, I’ll be out of town on the 12th, so I’ll have to miss this one.

::thinking to myself, if you can’t manage to get to one of these, you won’t be invited anymore:: :wink:

Sorry, I can’t make that one…what was that about a Florida Dopefest???