Atlanta's Crappy Weather (For Northeasterners)

I’ve been hearing about all the snow on the ground and how generally crappy the weather in New England and the Northeast is right now.

I just wanted to tell you all that I sympathize. Today’s weather in Atlanta was just horrendous. The temperature got up only into the low 70’s, and the shirt-wringing humidity us natives love to soak in was nowhere to be found.

Furthermore, the sun was shining all day long, so that when I went for my afternoon run I got a faint sunburn on my face and shoulders (since I was wearing a tank top).

So I know just where y’all are coming from, Northeasterners.

Oh that’s just SO funny. As soon a I think of a good come back or witty remark, you’ll be hearing from me, Buster! Because I am MAD now. Mad and cold. And my fucking car is still stuck in the mud and ice in my driveway.

You are putting yourself at risk for skin cancer, you know.


Where are you, SW? It took an hour-and-a-half, but I had my car shoveled out last Wednesday.

I understand just what you mean Fiver. It was such a chore to drag out those shorts and t-shirts today. :slight_smile: And who wanted to spend the time to locating sandles buried in the closet. I ended up just having to go around barefoot all day. It was ruff. If this keeps up - the azaleas will be blooming just in time for the Masters here in Augusta, GA. :slight_smile:
[sub](of course I won’t mention how my blue car is now yellow with all the polland)[/sub]

Yeah, I know. As I walked to the marta station yesterday, I was, in fact, complaining about the lack of humidity, the fact that I was wearing just a t-shirt, and how disgustingly warm the sun felt on my face.

And I too, have a slight sunburn. It’s a crisis, I tell ya. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, the thing is, it’s not so much the WEATHER that has my car stuck as it is my own stupidity. I’m in the Boston area. So of course, after my car was buried by snow, I took a shovel to the whole area and pretty much cleaned it out.

THEN I got into the car and tried to power it out of my parking space. Even though the tires were spinning and I was clearly going nowhere. When it didn’t budge, I stepped on the gas even harder. It’s now buried basically to the hubcaps in mud and ice.

This means, of course, that I’m going to have to get someone to tow me out of the pit I made. Even if I wait until JUNE it will still be stuck several inches under the surface. So I’ll have to call some mechanic type to come and treat me like I’m an idiot. He will then go home and slap his mullet-laden forhead and exclaim to his wife, “Women drivers!”

I plan on blaming it on an imaginary boyfriend.


You, sir, are a bastard. :wink:


The NorthEast corridor is about as close to the pulse of the Earth as you are going to find.

Also, many folks were routing for a blizzard. Alot of people who missed the storm had already organized blizzard parties and were very disappointed.

Atlanta ain’t no big deal. Oh, unless there are flurries in the forecast, then the whole friggin town shuts down for two days. Seriously. Who you kidding, bub? You’d love to get snowed in. Don’t be bitter/jealous.

Sorry, whilke we do appreciate warm weather, we cherish our winter and our change of seasons. Sometimes when it’s hot, we dream of a cold Christmas night with the fire burning. We enjoy spring in a way you’ll never appreciate. We couldn’t begin to describe how spring feels when we have grown tired of winter.

And conversely, we love fall when we’ve grown tired of summer, and we enjoy winter when we look forward toward Christmas or cold winter nights and snow storms.

Nice try. When you are ready to be part of the world, head on up here. It’s where the action is at. And, unless you’ve ever built a snow man or gone sledding, you are the one missing out. We fully enjoy all the seasons, grow tired and move onto the next, and it’s a one of the most rewarding cycles to liver through, year in and year out.

I seriously considered getting out my umbrella just to keep from getting a sunburn. Do you know how awful that is, to have to walk around looking at the lovely flowers whilst carrying an umbrella? As if that weren’t enough, I had to go around opening all the windows! Sheesh! Not to mention that the ice in my ice tea kept melting while I was grilling a couple of steaks.

And Philster, we do have seasons, three of em. Winter is defined by cool and rainy, Spring is sunny and pleasantly warm, and Summer, which is hotter than hell and humid enough to cut with a knife.

Philster, nevermind the weather: I wouldn’t want to live in a place where they don’t know “a lot” is two words.

Phil is certainly right about one thing, Spring feels great after a snowy winter. The joy you Southerners felt putting on your sandels and walking out into your 70 degree sunshine could never compare to the complete rapture I felt yesterday.

48 degrees. A bud on a tree. The snow is melted! It’s gone! You could smell Spring trying to spill out over the cold.

And I’ll probably have this feeling a few more times this year. Spring is notorious for offering a tantalizing glimpse of itself and then snatching back. She’s trying to show us all how lovely she is. Proving how much we want her. Spring is my favorite season, can you tell?

Where in the Boston area? I’m in Wellesley, myself. Had a great time during the storm.

That might not be necessary. There are enough Boston dopers that we might be able to get together and just push your car out. We’ll teach the Southerners a thing about cold-weather camaraderie.

Of course, then someone will slap he pointy head and start a Pit thread called “Women drivers.” It’s up to you.

Sorry, buddy. I’ve built enough snowmen, and shoveled enough driveways and sidewalks, and dug my car out enough times to last me until, I dont know, the next three hundred years.

Atlanta was very nice this past weekend and I can honestly say that I don’t miss the snow one bit.

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I’m in Watertown. And I had a GREAT time during the storm! I was all psyched for a “snow day.”

Hmm…maybe. It’s a big 'ol V12. Which is why, of course, I thought it wise to try to power myself out of the situation, rather than using a little finesse.

That’s okay, I can defend myself. If worse comes to worse, I can always openly LIE and say that my hypothetical boyfriend did INDEED get my car stuck and I was only trying to save his feelings. Or I can become hostile and give examples of male car-related stupidity. It will be fun…you can help!


All right, goddammit, you have our weather and we want it back.

Say the word and I’ll give you a hand. Also, there are hand-operated winches made for off-roaders when they get stuck, but you need something sturdy in front of or behind the car to anchor to. Might be cheaper than a tow.

Hey, doing donuts in the snowy parking lot at work is not stupidity, it’s practice.

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Say the word and I’ll give you a hand. Also, there are hand-operated winches made for off-roaders when they get stuck, but you need something sturdy in front of or behind the car to anchor to. Might be cheaper than a tow.**


Spoken like a man who’s made the same error a time or two. To be honest, I’m not so worried about the cost as I am letting said mullet-headed ignoramus put his mits on my Jag.


You DESERVE to help me struggle my car out of its pit!


So your car is stuck in a depression? That sucks.
Nothing worse than a crying Jag.

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Oh my god! That is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. I seriously can’t stop laughing. Perhaps I should use THAT as my sig line? Hmm…