Snowmageddon 2014

Any other South/South East Dopers being affected by the snow storm moving through? It started snowing where I was around 11:30 and my work decided to let us go (Think about that logic for a second. Ok, now that it’s snowing y’all can go. Like this came out of nowhere). I stupidly decided to stop at the gym before heading home, and in that time the weather went from “meh, this is nothing” to “wow, this is actually a snow storm”. My normal 40ish minute commute took almost three hours. I skidded once, got rear ended (a light tap), but safely made it home. Going to go play in the park at 5.

Tomorrow morning is supposed to be worse as all the stuff that fell during the day melted and will freeze overnight. My work still hasn’t decided if we can work from home tomorrow or not. I told them that either I’m working from home or taking a vacation day, because I’m not driving tomorrow.

I’m in Raleigh. My kids had the entire day off school today and I was released from work at 2. We have yet to see a flake. I can tell it’s coming - it smells like snow - but right now, if you look at the radar, we’re in this little bubble of nothing. They’ve already told us to come in 2 hours late tomorrow, but if school is canceled, I’m taking the whole day off. They’re still saying 4-ish inches, which is a lot for us.

I’m in Atlanta. My workplace (a downtown university) closed at 1pm. I’m actually lucky that I take the train in - i was home in an hour’s time (including a some mild delays on the E/W line. Apparently there was a fire on the N/S like unrelated to the snow.) I have colleagues who were still trying to get out of the parking deck 2.5 hours after we closed. That’s what happens when most of the downtown commuters leave at near the same time and freak out about road conditions too.

They’ve not announced for tomorrow - but I have suspicions that there will be a delay at least.

We’re promised 2-5". So for, nary a flake has fallen at my house.

In the morning, I’ll check to see what the deal is. I work on a Navy base but I work for a contractor, so there are 2 different sets of rules. Further, I’m a temp, so if I don’t work, I don’t get paid, but as a temp, I’m not a critical employee.

If it’s too icky tomorrow, I’ll stay home. Our county is usually pretty good about clearing the roads, but I have to go a long way on lightly traveled roads - not the sort of place one wants to risk sliding into a ditch. Tomorrow will tell…

Charlotte. Everything shut down between 12 and 2, and the snow started around 3. I’ve barely gotten any (by 5) but other parts of the city have a nice coating. It’s supposed to keep going for the next 12 hours so we’ll see.

No word on tomorrow’s work status.

I’m in south Georgia and the prediction is rain (which we have now) will change over to a wintry mix during the night. No real snow accumulation expected but there will most likely be ice on the roads. All schools in the area are cancelled tomorrow and we decided this afternoon to at work to bug out at two and not come in tomorrow. We don’t do ice and snow in south Georgia.

Full on snowpocalypse here in Alabama. Weather forecasts were wrong. All the TV stations forecasted a light dusting of snow and they’re all saying they missed the forecast.
Some students in Birmingham are stranded at school and will have to stay overnight. Traffic in many areas is at a standstill.
Here in Tuscaloosa it doesn’t appear to be quite as bad but many roads are closed. It took my SIL two hours to get home after she left work at 11:00. Normally, it takes less than 10 minutes. Probably not much better tomorrow.

We’re starting to see flakes and the very start of accumulation! Let the snowpocalypse begin!

This is Atlanta about 30 minutes ago:

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Crazy amount of snow

SE Louisiana. It’s been sleeting for a couple hours now. Parts of the interstate are shut down, and they’ve been asking everyone to stay inside. We’re supposed to get 1-3" of snow tonight.

Worked normal hours at the office in Charlotte, tomorrow is TBD, but likely to be a telecommute day.

Just a faint dusting of snow at 4:30, and it got a bit more aggressive at 5:00, just in time to louse up the evening rush.

My workplace has called for tomorrow. Woohoo! Snow day.

But there are still a lot of the hell amount of people stuck on the interstates all around town.

What a pretty picture! Nice composition. :cool:

I am a native Atlantan, and, yes, occasionally snow occurs. But is it so uncommon that it is notable. My friends from Buffalo used to make fun of us when we freaked out about an inch of snow. There are exceptions, however, and this appears to be one of them. I was quite surprised to see the system of snow to include Atlanta, but it isn’t just Atlanta it is south almost to Macon. That is significant.

Temps get above freezing here on Thursday and probably late tomorrow afternoon for you. Otherwise, my advice is to sit tight, enjoy the pretty and be safe.

Amateurs. :stuck_out_tongue: This is what we shoveled through to get into our workplace yesterday morning. Why we didn’t call it a day and go home, I don’t know.

Bit of a drift.

Fluffy in the snow path.

I got about 3 inches here in east Tn. What made it bad is that it was fairly unexpected. Last night, the air was expected to be too dry for anything but a little flurry although the short range models were starting to show a band of moisture making it’s way into the area. But at midnight, everyone was still predicting a 30% chance of flurries and no accumulation.

When I woke up, the National Weather Service was predicting 90% with 1-3 inches accumulation but none of the media outlets had caught up yet and were still at 30%. I noticed the roads were untreated and when I dropped my daughter off at school. I told her school would probably be closing in a couple hours.

Sure enough, at 9:47 her school announced that it would close at 10:00. Whoa, short notice! I called my mom and asked if she’d pick up my daughter. She lives half a mile from the school. She picked her up and it took her twenty minutes and three guys helping push her car up a hill in front of the school to get home.

I left work at 10:30 and got to my mom’s 6 miles away at noon. Traffic was at a standstill or crawl the entire way. There were cars on the side of the road on every hill, spinning their wheels and trying to get some traction. I drive a Jeep with a winch and briefly considered helping people out, but I’d have been there all day and all I would do is get them to the next hill.

Daughter was excited so I stopped at the mall, did a few donuts, then spent $100 on a snow outfit, boots and gloves for her. Then she spent all afternoon playing Playstation with the neighbor kid.

Yes, but when it happens once every 3 years or so on one hand the cities don’t have the equipment to deal with it. On the other hand, as drivers we don’t have any opportunity to get experience driving in it, so it’s not something we learn to do generally. A coworkers wife took 8 hours to get home from work today - she has about a 30 mile commute. So yes, laugh (I have - my time in Maine and Ohio means I learned the skills) - but right now there are people on interstates who’ve been there for hours and may well be there all night. The equipment that we DO have can’t get to the roads that need it because of the traffic.

I have a friend who lives in Atlanta and she said her roommate took about six hours to drive the few miles home. She is worried about getting to work tomorrow. No snow days if you work in a hospital.

I agree with other posters - if you don’t have the plows and the salt, it’s going to be bad.

We hope all of you drive carefully and stay safe. That white stuff can get slippery.

Why should you learn how to deal with snow? So three times every decades a bunch of New Yorkers won’t sneer at you? Miserable cost / benefit ratio there, I’m thinking.

New Yorkers always sneer.

(New Englanders condescend.)

(Mid-westerners smile politely and get back to shoveling.)

Traffic in Birmingham has virtually stopped moving. Many people have abandoned their cars to try to walk and find some shelter. Tuscaloosa’s mayor has issued emergency declaration deeming all roads impassable.

?? How much have they had?