Attack of Clones Teaser Trailer: Whadyathink?(Possible Spoilers)

Well, the teaser trailer is now available online, so if anyone(like me) didn’t go see Monsters, Inc. to see the Episode II trailer, you can get it now. Go to this link and page down a quarter of the way to see the sites that have it.

If you don’t do it today(11/5), go to the bottom of the page and click on November 5 news.

Anyway, I thought it was a good teaser. It doesn’t really show much, has no sound or music from the movie, but does let us see some of things in motion.

  1. I liked seeing Yoda and Mace Windu.

  2. I loved seeing Jango Fett fly away while shooting.

  3. Who were those people at the control panel? Jedi Training school? That’s the one thing that confused me.

  4. It was dark and the film looks dark, lots of scenes at night.

I can’t wait.

I just started an almost identicle thread, but I have to say that i did not think it looked very good at all.
For a teaser it showed very little and what it did show looked very similar to that seen in episode I.

I hope the film itself is a lot better than this very poor teaser.

Well, I saw it with Monsters, Inc..

As a trailer, it was a pretty good obscene phone call.

I seem to remember some subliminal pre-post-production images, too.

All in all, after the hype I bought for Episode I: What Were They Thinking?, I’ll wait until some reviews are in before I blow eight bucks on another paean to Lucas’ growing dementia.

I’m looking forward to hearing John Williams’s score for this one-TPM was a total success in that instance.

I saw it, and now I’m intriqued. I guess since I’m SUCH a SW fan, I’ll see it, no matter what. Hell, I LIKED TPM, I even loved Jar Jar!


[sub]That’s Jar Jar, not you, Guin[/sub]

I’ve actually seen two differnet trailers, the one before Monsters, Inc. was okay, its the one with no sound, just Darth vader’s Breathing underscoring some random shit. the one I downloaded though is different, it has a new piece of Williams underscoring an shows a bunch of really cool stuff, including, but not limited to: Christopher Walken with whited out eyes, Gabriel Byrne looking evil talking to Anakin, a bunch of mandalorians, A big ole horde of jedi’s waving lightsabers in what looks like a big field attack, and jar jar bleeding to death with no arms or legs.
(okay I lied about the last one, but the rest is true, and this trailer looked MUCH cooler than the first one).
Bad hat

Bad Hat, the trailer of which you speak is fake. The so-called army of “Jedis” with lightsabers is actually footage from Braveheart with lightsabers added in.

If only it were true!

Alright, he wasn’t that bad, just an ill-conceived comedy sidekick.

Wow, another Star Wars fan who liked it? I thought I was the only one on earth!

My reaction to the teaser. Looks good, makes me really want to see the trailer. I’m really looking forward to the movie. I liked TPM. It was not a perfect film, but neither were any of the others. I like 'em anyways. Bring 'em on George!