Attention bluetooth wearing shit-heels

Did you wander off the set of Back to the Future 2? You look like a fucking jackass. The exclusive club you now belong to is douchebags with 7-year old tech I hope will make me look important or interesting when in fact I am just a four-flushing pool-pisser.

You probably wear suspenders with a belt while smoking an oversized cigar flaunting your douchebaggery all over like some sort of giant butthole.

That is all.

You can ‘wear’ bluetooth??

How does that work? T-shirts swap designs with each other when in close proximity?

Dude, you know exactly what he’s referring to. 90%+ of the time bluetooth is referenced it’s referring to the headsets.


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I didn’t. But I do now.

Now that you mention it. A-men. I see people wearing bluetooth ear-thingies and I just think “what a chump, gullible chump. Wonder how much that pointless piece of technology cost him”

I wouldn’t dream of using one myself. For one I am too dis-organized to keep track of batteries and/or charging it. For two I’d feel like a dick. For three I could probably answer the call quicker than it would take to attach the thing to my ear.

Eh? What’s the problem?

It’s a new piece of technology, somewhat convenient for cell phones - I mean this rant is really right out of the anti-cell phone archive rants from… 1999 say?

I have one of those head sets. Stopped using it as the bloody connexion was shite and never really performed quite as well as the good old wire-connected headset. But really, what’s the bloody problem other than perhaps some bizarre class-jealousy (as far as one can discern from the suspenders and cigar comment)?

To asnwer the Lobby Q above, the things are mostly rechargeables, at maybe USD 30 a unit (or less). If one is driving or in a busy enviro, it can be damned convenient and no more say creepy looking really than the Wire versions of hands free headsets. Fail to see the problem nor how this is “dickish” in the least. But then you all were no doubt up in arms about cellphones as well.

ETA: bother this is pointless forum now.

The ‘problem’ is that in most cases the wearer is an ‘early-adopter’. Someone who likes to be seen as [a] flash [git] who can afford high-technology. The same type of person who sits in a coffee shop writing a novel on a laptop. In extreme cases it might be the same type of person who not only has, but chooses to wear his ‘porche’ baseball cap.

Actually, they’re getting close. (Okay, that’s WiFi, not Bluetooth, but it’s only a matter of time.)

Have you lost a whole bunch of years? Early adopter? What exactly the fuck are you on? I just bought a blue tooth ear piece for $38 and it wasn’t even the cheapest one available. I bought my first one like five years ago and they were old tech then.

I use it to use my cell phone while I am driving. Using your cell phone without a hands free device is illegal here. I also use it when I want to make a phone call when I am walking my dog. It’s a handy tool. There is nothing cool or flashy about it.

Aren’t they all dead of head cancer yet? I haven’t left my plywood cabin in a while.

Did I just wake up in 2004?

As the OP indicates, bluetooth is hardly new technology. I am a little unclear on the rant. If it’s against those who wear the headsets even when they’re not taking a call, then I can get on board (with some limited exceptions). That’s goofy. If it’s a rant against users of the technology, I think it’s silly. As others have mentioned, it’s really no different than wearing a wired headset. I have one that sits in a little holster that clips to one of the AC vents in my car. Occasionally, I will bring it inside if I am making a long distance call. I use a wired headset for my phone at home. Hands-free is the way to go.

I suspect the ire is directed more at those individuals that feel the need to wear the damn things 24 hours a day whether they are on an actual call or not.

I drive a $600 dollar car and I have a $29 stereo bluetooth headset for listening to music. It really isn’t a status symbol.

Of the OP, sure. My comments were directed at Lobsang’s hopelessly out of date comments that I quoted.

As cool technology? Whatever. As a fashion statement? It looks a little pretentious.

If you are someone who talks on the phone a lot (which I am not but my girlfriend is) it’s really convenient. And they are not expensive at all, so I don’t know what you are going on about Lobsang.

Suspenders AND belt. Clueless as to something’s purpose and worn only to show others you are wearing it. I threw in the cigar thing because when they became trendy 15 or so years ago every numbnuts seemed to be doing it. Dunno why that in particular stuck in my head.

The bloody problem is that I am the self appointed arbiter of what makes you appear to be a douchebag regardless of how helpful it may actually be.

I will give some degree of blue-tooth douchiness if people wear them everywhere, but they have lost enough cool that most people really don’t do that unless they really need to answer a call. Posing with blue-tooth earpiece doesn’t get you much cred anymore. It really means (to me) you are in a service business and are at someone’s beck and call.