Attention: Dopers in St. Louis or in Indiana off I-70 who wants to get SPIFFLED...

As many of you might know, another Springfield, IL gathering, affectionately known as SPIFFLED, is being organized. Look for the thread here in MPSIMS started by Flypside for the details on that event as they come in!

Now, I managed to somehow convince the parents of everyone’s favorite Doogie Howser lookalike SanibelMan that I and Drain Bead are suitable to chaperone their young impressionable lad to the event. What fools!

They picked up plane tickets to St. Louis, which works because it’s way cheaper than flying directly into Springfield, and he has family there he can visit.

Even though it’s out of the way, I have always loved Sandy, and I don’t mind driving him from one city to the next.

My very tentative agenda is as follows:

**Friday   3/6**  3:00 PM - Depart to St. Louis
              9:00 PM - Arrive in St. Louis

**Saturday 3/7**  Depart St. Louis, MO to Springfield, IL (1½ Hours)
              Attend SPIFFLED

**Sunday   3/8**  Depart Springfield, IL to St. Louis, MO
              Drop SanibelMan backwith family or airport
              Depart St. Louis, MO for Columbus, OH

As you can see, we will have a free evening in St. Louis (though a late one, but hey - it’s Friday!) to do something with some people.

In addition, I have a free seat in my car. If anyone not too far away from I-70 in Indiana (which runs right through Indianapolis for the unknowing) would like to go to SPIFFLED, we can pick you up!

First dibs goes to another friend on the board Yue Han, though he might not be able to make it. Keep me abreast, John, because my back seat has your name on it… Um, that sounds wrong… Nevermind…

If John cannot make it, I still have a seat open, so let me know if you are interested. It means two nights in hotels, though one of them you can share with Sandy (a male, but with a name like SanibelMan, even a newbie should have figured it out), but you don’t need to pay for gas. You do have to put up with my CDs, and being nauseated when Drainy and I call each other disgusting things like “angel” and kiss and stuff, but it’s a free ride to lotsa great Dopers!

Let me know if you are interested, and if anyone wants to get Drain and myself (and Sandy if he is not doing the family thing, and a fourth person if anyone takes me up on the offer above for a ride) drunk and stuff (or just a nice meal), that would rock.

Just so you know, Brian, I plan on spending Friday night and Sunday afternoon with my aunt, so if I can be back in Edwardsville by 2:30 or so on Sunday, I’d appreciate it.

Oh, and bump.

Well, I might just take you up on that offer. I will either be back in Columbus or still in Louisville at the time (which way are you heading to St.L?). If you’re not heading past L’ville, I would be more than happy to swing by my infrequent apartment in Cowtown and then take the trek with y’all. I’ll even bring road food n’stuff.

I would very much like to meet the great Satan (is that permissable during lent?!?) but I do not know what I will be doing in the year 2009. Seeing how that is the next time the 6th of March will fall on a Friday, I just really cannot commit that far in advance.

Get back to me around, say 2007, and we’ll talk!

Damn, I’d love to. But I’ve got big presentations due on the next two Saturdays, and St. Patty’s Day is my anniversary w/the girlfriend. But if class gets cancelled, please notify, as I’d be happy to drive out on my own. I’m in Indy if anyone else might want a tentative ride.

Leave it to a Bean Counter to notice that…

The month is not March, but APRIL. Big number 4.

Oh, and lest I forget, DOH!

Thank you for your patronage…

As for you thinksnow, let us know. I figure I’ll have an answer from {b]Yue Han** soon enough…

Ok, now that we have that cleared up…

Seriously, I am interested in meeting the infamous Satan.
I am sure Mrs. Counter would enjoy a night out as well. If nothing else then a quick drink somewhere.

Judging by the overwhelming response, though, it is fine
if you just want to travel and call it a night.

SanibelMan better return from this trip having gotten laid. I’m starting to get worried that Anniz might want another SoFla Dopefest this spring … without me there.


Have a great time!

What are we offered to hurl him to the harlots at the Renfest this weekend? :D

Geez, I haven’t been spending enough quality time on the boards lately! A chance to meet the legendary Satan and I almost missed it! I live in St. Louis and would love to meet for dinner, drinks or whatever. Oh and don’t worry about it being a late night. Things don’t close around here until at least 10:30… :slight_smile:

I was going to be stopping briefly in Muncie, IN to bring Yue Han to Spiffled with me, but his parents ixnayed the idea. So instead, we’ll be stopping for dinner in Muncie with Yue Han and a few other Dopers and I might be bringing The Mighty Tiki God along with us if he can work the finances.

In any event, since we are stopping for dinner, we won’t be getting to our hotel until fairly late - probably around midnight or so, which pretty much kills Friday night in St. Louis.

In addition, with a ton of driving and a semblance of a schedule to keep on Saturday, I don’t see us actually getting to St. Louis proper even on Saturday. The hotel, which is right near SanibelMan is staying with his Aunt, is actually located in Troy, IL.

However, before we head up to pick up SanibelMan and go to Spiffled, we will have some time to kill in the overflowing metropolis of Troy, IL. It’s about 20 miles to the ENE of St. Louis, and it seems to be somewhat convenient to I-70, I-55 and I-270.

I would love to have lunch at some point with anyone who wants to come out, as would Drain Bead!

From a Yahoo! search near my hotel, the best option (considering that we are having pizza the night before and an American Dining-type place for Spiffled) looks to be:

China Garden
920 Edwardsville Rd
Troy, IL
(618) 667-0088

I can call and see if it’s actually going to be open. Of course, if anyone knows a place near there that I should try, let me know. It would be around noon or so.

The Muncie thread, for those who care, is here:

We can also get a caravan of Spiffled-bound Dopers from the St. Louis area to leave from Troy if that seems prudent.

Anyway, anyone can e-mail me or find me on AIM at Scrabble 1 to talk about things. And there’s always this thread too, so… :slight_smile: