Attention Whoring and You - A Guide For Flamsterette

Before I begin, I’ll state I like attention as much as the next person. Validation always warms the heart. And I’ve posted my share of “look at me, LOOK AT ME!” crap until I realized how annoying it was. How it made me look needy and desperate.
Flamsterette hasn’t reached this point yet. We have the epic, almost Joycean Story of her Life.

“But hardy”, you ask, what’s the big deal? Isn’t all message board posting for validation?"

Sure it is, and I wouldn’t be quite as annoyed IF I hadn’t also seen it onFathom. And on Una and LJ. (The Una stuff is members only and I will be nice enough not to post the LJ link.) I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on a wrestling board at this point…more exposure.

Or the fact MPSIMS seems to be comprised sometimes solely of the Various Thoughts of Flami. Or the various drivebys that prove she didn’t read the OP or know squat about the topic, but felt the compulsion to post. (That’s a hamster genocide area)

Or my personal favorites…She eats bandwidth proudly.
I wasn’t around for Michael Masterson and caught the tail end of MagicalSilverKey, thank goddess. Difference is, they seemed limited in scope as well as vocabulary. At least they could be succinct and brief if the meds kicked in.
And before someone kicks in with “Well, don’t read it”, you have to admit it’s hard to ignore.

Flamsterette, you seem intelligent. Would you rather be known as an intelligent woman or a compulsive poster? Someone who adds to the conversation or someone who takes it over with “look at me”? Someone so self absorbed that they should (to quote myself) hang a string outside their pantleg and call themselves Tampax?

There’s a world of difference between posting to share and posting just to be heard. It’s the online equivalent of wearing a clown nose and soft shoeing during a Mensa meeting. Cute at first, then annoying. And sometimes it takes some harsh words to get them to knock it off.

Eh. I never noticed, nor cared.

Eh, I don’t like it either but self promotion is often the rule in MPSIMS, not the exception. If we said something about everybody who posted “LOOK AT ME!” posts over there (come to think of it, alot of people do it here in the pit too. ‘Pie’, anyone?) we’d be here for a damn long time.
And what happened with MagicalSilverKey? Did he get banned? I never even saw him on the boards but I guess he saw me and he used to IM me and email me porn all the time…weird. Am I allowed to say that here?

why on earth would you care if she posted (virtually) the same thing on SDMB, fathom, UnaB, LJ etc?

I wrote about the same Christmas letter to 10 different people too - is that bad?

This look at me thread brought to you proudly by our very own hardygrrl!

Of the three threads linked in “She eats bandwidth proudly”:
Number 1 is something I’ve seen countless others do before on MPSIMS; Number 2 is a ditto (post parties, though frowned upon, still pop up); and Number 3 wasn’t started by Flamsterette at all.

And I also don’t care that the post which sparked the OP has been republished elsewhere. Storm in a teacup.

Eh, I’m gonna have to disagree with you on this one, HG. She posted that bio on the Unaboard last October, and she put it in her Members Only journal page, so I don’t have a problem with that.

And she put it, correctly, in the BMZ at Fathom, and it’s also been there since last October.

And as for “wasting bandwidth” with Mundane Pointless Stuff She Must Share, well, c’mon, doesn’t everybody do that? That’s what MPSIMS is for, lady. A quick survey of tonight’s Forum shows topics as earthshattering as PMS and The Lion King, HDTV, and that perennial MPSIMS favorite, Nimoy singing the Bilbo Baggins song.

hope I didn’t step on anybody’s toes there, I love all that stuff
I was actually just thinking the other day how nicely she seems to have settled in.

ok, just to see if you had a point I checked out your links. Most are several months old.

then, I looked at the first 2 pages of listings for MPSIMS, and sure enough, there were four whole threads started by the object of your ire. The first was the one you linked to in your OP.

2 others were “Games” (ie the band name game and one other), which are not really self promotional in nature. you start a game and if folks are interested, it keeps going. if not, it drops off the page. these two have been going for a while.

the fourth thread was a “Happy birthday to these people” thread.

yep, lots of self promotion there.

You may wish to reconsider this thread.

What’s this about MagicalSilverKey being on someone’s shit list? I recognize the name, but can’t place it with anything.

I’ve got to agree - on one hand I don’t care, I just don’t read it. On the other hand, as hardygrrl says, it is awfully hard to ignore. It’s the same as people who do nothing but talk about themselves IRL - you can try to ignore it, but it’s still gonna bug you.

Flam, now don’t ruin it, girl, by coming in here and getting all hysterical at HG, 'kay? A mature, dignified response, that’s the ticket.

<< rushes around thread removing knickknacks from shelves >>

Oh my god. I just got a very vivid mental picture of you as Duck Duck Marge Simpson :smiley:

Um, I’ve only been here a month and admit that I don’t really know the unspoken rules here, but what’s the big deal? At a board this huge, I’m surprised that the highest post count is at only 12,000, actually. Of course, in an extreme case, I’ve known someone to have 50,000 posts in less than two years… a whopping 69 posts per day. In that instance, I’d understand fully.

I post at EZBoard as well and before losing my user name, I had about 10,000 posts in a year’s time and I’d probably be just as prolific here if it weren’t for the sheer magnitude of the board. I guess I should cut back even further for fear of geting a Pit thread devoted to me, eh? :slight_smile:

I learned a lot from reading that-- so I must echo the disagreement already shared here. ::rolleyes::
(Takes a similar stance to a soccer player blocking a free kick)

Not everyone has read the other sites that are mentioned. This was my first time to read Flamsterette’s story and I’m glad that she posted it.

If I had read it before, I would have had no trouble moving on to something else that interested me. Why do you feel compelled to give it your attention? Then you even post about it! Sounds a little like OCD to me. They have meds for that, you know.

How disingenuous of you to be concerned about band-width!

On the other hand, I have five fingers.

What Ducky said…take it easy Flamster…'cos despite what anybody says, you’re THE girl OK?

Hey, there is NO birthday without the Chinese Translation courtesy of Flamster.

This might be the pit, but it’s only a toenail-singe for you FXette…:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Aesiron, don’t sweat it, this is basically just another chapter in the ongoing epic

that is

our very own…



The one, the only…

The post counts here may be lower than at some other MBs because the Administration officially frowns on “people who use this place like a chat room”, in other words, many many posts to a single thread, each post consisting of a one-line sentence, or even nothing more than a “LOL!”. Especially if the poster has stated it as his avowed intent to pump up his post count.

But as long as it doesn’t seem like you’re doing that, hey, there’s no limit to how Mundane and Pointless you’re allowed to be. :smiley:

Speak your mind without fear. When you get unbearably Mundane and Pointless, you’ll know, because you will have become invisible and nobody will seem to realize that you’re still here. :smiley:

Indeed, lighten the fuck up, hardygrrl. Did you read the OP? It took wicked guts to post that at all. And yes, you can dismissively say:

But the fact is it’s NOT hard to ignore. If you have a problem with a poster, and especially if the thread title is “This is the story of my past,” then don’t open the fucking thread.

Also, perhaps this makes me some kind of luddite, but I don’t and never have read any boards besides the SDMB, so this was new to me.

And as you said yourself, we all want a little attention and validation now and then. So fuck your snide attitude, and in the future, if you are that bothered, look at who the OP is and skip the ones you don’t like. Mine included, if you so desire.

Ah… thank you for the explanation, Duck Duck Goose. I was honestly bewildered by the post 'cause of desensitization at more chatty message boards.

And so far as mundane and pointless to the point where you dissapear, just how can you tell? This place is so friggin’ huge that more average, run-of-the-mill posters like myself get swallowed up by the more charismatic or prolific. :eek:
Um… sorry. Hijack over. Back to the flaming.