Lynn Bodoni: Did I miss something?

1)I didn’t insert an image in my post. You CAN’T put images in posts last time I checked.

2)I gave ample warning that it was a disgusting picture, and that if you were at work, it would be a bad move to click it.

You are out of line, Lynn.

She’s in charge, doof. She decides what’s out of line, not you. Deal with it.

I believe you’re the one outta line. Ask for this to be closed and apologize. I have run into the same kinda thing before. I had the wits enough to apologize and not beat the issue. Ample warning does not excuse you. I was banned for a bit for posting a link even with ample warning. IMHO, you are lucky. The SDMB has a strict policy that objectionable material should be at least two clicks away. You cannot directly link to anything that your mom would frown on you for looking at. If you really want to show a picture like that, find another site, or if you just can’t hold it back, give confusing and long directions to it.


More sucking up to the moderator.

Um… it’s “sucking up” to state the facts? Go to hell, fucknut.


More complete fucking babies.


Who is sucking up to the mod? If you are in their game you play by the their rules.

That’s the name of that tune.

  1. Go read the reactions of a couple moderators in your thread (now locked), and see if you still think she was out of line.
  2. What exactly were you ranting about? The fact that gross images exist? It was a weak premise to base a rant on, to say the least.
  3. Hi Opal!
  4. Just because this is The Pit, it doesn’t mean there are no standards here.

Okay, after reading the rules, it turns out you can’t post porn here. So sorry Lynn, and fuck you Silver Fire and racinchikki.

Oh, and someone tell me what “Hi Opal” means?

I don’t know what’s bigger, Du_Hast… that chip on your shoulder or that stick up your ass.

“Hi Opal”: Swahili for “Du_Hast is a whiney dickhead.”

Glad I could help.

Now this is funny !!!

I love it…

Hi Opal !!!

Get’em Lynn !!!

Bwhahahahaha !!!

Did you ever see a cat make a jump that was just a little too far and miss? They pick themselves up from the floor, lick themselves, look around, and haughtily suggest to their owners that they actually intended to miss their landing. As if it was the owners fault.


I don’t get you, Du_Hast. By your own admission, you were in the wrong from the get-go, and you flame racinchikki and Silver Fire for calling you on it? You could be so much better than that. There aren’t enough Ohio Dopers as it is: quit makin’ us look bad.

Dear Pigfucker:

You picture HORRIFIED me. It takes a lot to do that.

Lynn was COMPLETELEY right in her actions.

Silver Fire and rainchikki were also right.

Back the fuck off, vermin.

In one case, you’re right, Du_Hast. You didn’t insert an image, but a link to an image.

HOWEVER, as has been pointed out, even in the Pit there are rules. While we’re not QUITE as strict as this would suggest:

we do want to keep some standards.

I didn’t see the image myself, however, I did get no fewer than 5 “message board reports” and a few people took the time to write to me individually. Plus we had some staff email about it. When something causes THAT many emails to slam into my mailbox, I pay attention.

My warning stands. Don’t do anything similar to this again.


Du_Hast, you were definitely the one out of line! I read your (now locked) thread; luckily, I didn’t click on that link or I suspect I’d have been traumatized for a LONG time! Lynn makes the rules here, and while some of us may not agree with them, they’re the ones in charge. As such, we have to accept that simple fact, and I suspect most of us do accept it without whining about it or throwing pity parties for ourselves!

You didn’t read the rules before you posted here? Or did you simply conveniently “forget”? Granted, I’m sure you could legitimately forget a few things in the course of fourteen months (almost), but to forget that this site has a policy against that sort of thing? That’s a little too important to be forgetting!

Why in the flying fuck would you flame Silver Fire and racinchikki for calling you on the carpet for your very wrong actions? I can understand being defensive about things, but this was a ** pretty damn blatant violation of the board rules**! There is absolutely no excuse to get riled up like that over someone pointing out that you violated board policy! :mad:

If I violated board policy, I would apologize to the mods; it would not be sucking up! I’d admit I was in the wrong, at least. It might not help me get back on the board, but my conscience would be clear! Here’s hoping you can sleep with a clear conscience (if you have one) tonight, because you’re going to need it! :rolleyes:

Oh, one more thing: my last post contained some pretty uncharacteristic language, and if it wasn’t for the fact that some people may be bothered by it, I wouldn’t apologize, or offer up a defense. The plain fact is, I am incensed by his behavior!!! Yes, this is the Pit, and there’s worse language than what I posted going on in here… I realize that. However, I still feel the need to apologize… not to Du_Hast, but to others.

The use of any uncharacteristic language on my part DOES NOT, I repeat DOES NOT, excuse Du_Hast or let him off the hook in any way, shape, or form! I still stand by what I said; yes, by ALL OF IT! I may regret how I said it, but that doesn’t change my stance on his behavior.

To wit: his behavior was repugnant, repulsive, completely without conscience, and an affront to my personal standards! I don’t know if Du_Hast has any personal standards… maybe they are just extremely low, or the lowest of the low. Whichever is the case, I don’t think he should engage in flagrant flaunting of the board policy on porn! (no matter how “unintended” :rolleyes: it may be)

When I sent my last post, I saw that Lynn had posted her views, which I completely agree with. No, I am not a lemming, but when something like this creates that much traffic in her inbox, she has a right (nay, a moral responsibility) to respond and act as she deems appropriate to the situation.

Having said all that, I think I’ll just go back to using language that is characteristic of me, unless I am severely provoked and/or offended, which I was in this case. Thank you.
(coding fixed at poster’s request)

And that last post contained some bad coding and typos… if the mods are around, could you please fix it? Thanks. (I checked it over and everything, too!)

I was out of the country (and still am) when the following expression was enjoying its short lived popularity, so I feel a certain privilege to reply…

…you go, girl…

That was disapponting. Now I see why nobody says that. I think I’ll go wash my hands.

(And I really wanted to see that pic, too… Oh well, community standards)