Attn: Dave Matthews Band fans

Did the Dave Matthews Band have a top 40 hit? If so, what is it and what album is it on?

This is just a WAG, but it’s probably “Crash Into Me” from the album “Crash”. (IMO, the best album.)

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

I can only imagine that they had several. Check the billboard web site. this link is just a guess, I don’t feel like searching.

Okay, here are some guesses off the top of my head, since I don’t feel like searching. I’ve listed song title, then album title.

“What Would You Say” - Under the Table and Dreaming
“Crash Into Me” - Crash
“So Much To Say” - Crash
“Too Much” - Crash
“Don’t Drink the Water” - Before These Crowded Streets
“Stay” - Before These Crowded Streets
“Rapunzel” (I think) - Before These Crowded Streets

There’s also “Ants Marching,” which I don’t think was a Top 40 hit, but the live version gets played a lot on the radio. Those are the only ones I can think of right now - although if you’re in the VA/NC area, a lot more gets played than the hits, so I’m trying to base this on what I’ve heard since I moved. Hope this helps!

(who remembers the old days when she got to see DMB for free…)

Thanks for the replies (it took me longer to get to this than I thought it would)

Unfortunately, none of these sound like the song I am thinking of. So:

  1. The song has the phrase “people all around you” in a yodel-y singing voice, and the song has got an upbeat rhythm. Sound familiar?

  2. If you don’t know the song, which album do you recommend I get? BTW, I like a lot of rhythm in my music.

“People in Every Direction” is a highlighted line from “Ants Marching”, which is a great tune.

If you like a lot of rhythym, then DMB’s the band for you.

I recommend Under the Table and Dreaming. Lots of good upbeat songs, a few very interesting songs that are not directed toward radio play (“Warehouse” is one of my favorite songs, I recommend listening to it with the lights out and the stereo cranked up. I also recommend it as a good song with which to test stereo speakers). And, as their first major label album, it also includes several songs from their earlier, indy releases. One of the few albums of the last 5-10 years I can still stand to listen to from start to finish (for what it’s worth, another is Phish’s Picture of Nectar).

Sattelite is one of my fave’s.

Weighing in again…

I agree with GND - sounds like the song you’re looking for is “Ants Marching.” It’s off “Under the Table and Dreaming,” which is tied with their first album for the best one to buy, IMO. (First album was “Remember Two Things.”)

Of course, I like all of their albums. I’d recommend getting a live album if you could - DMB is much better live than in the studio. Hence the reason I own 5 bootlegs…

That’s it! “Ants Marching” is the song I was looking for.

Thanks to all who responded. :slight_smile:

And thanks to everyone who is putting up with this thread even if they could care less. :wink: