Attn. Portland dopers PDX question

My wife is going to fly into PDX very soon (her dad is ill) she will need to take a shuttle from PDX to the town of St. Helens, Oregon.
[background] My wife is not the experienced traveler that I am and does not shift gears well on the fly. So I need to find things out in advance that I would just handle on arrival [/background]
I know there are a bunch of shuttle services that serve PDX. Can anyone tell me the name of one or two that serve St. Helens?

Here’s one:

Been a long time since I’ve been in Portland, though.

I live in SW Portland and grew up in St. Helens. You’re not going to find much actually AT the airport to get you from there to St. Helens and back. My suggestion is to go with a service like astroboy listed. If you know people in St. Helens, you may be able to get a ride back to the airport when neccesary.

Need to know anything about St. Helens?

That’s a searchable list of ground transportation companies servicing PDX. (Note that St. Helens isn’t on the list, however, just call a bunch and ask their rates.)

St Helens is about 45 miles from Portland Airport, so taking a hired shuttle is going to be your best (cheapest) option. I’d figure it would be about $75 - $100, as I used to take a PDX-Salem shuttle and it’s about the same distance.

FWIW, I use “White Van” fairly frequently and have always been happy with their service.