Attractive authors?

I was thinking about this because I have started reading some of Neil Gaiman’s books due to pals I know from another forum. All the fangirls there are madly in love with him, it seems, and not just for his writing. They think he’s very attractive as well. Seeing a few pictures, I concur that he’s not at all bad, and there’s one picture on his website of him out in the snow–rowr!

However, I cannot think of any other authors that I would consider attractive. Part of that is that I simply haven’t seen many pictures of authors to begin with, since I never really thought about this. The merit of their books is not important at the moment; I just want to know which authors, if any, people think are kind of hot.

Barry Eisler. He’s a very nice person, too.

I don’t feel like looking for the other Thread, but when we did this before I noted that I think Rebecca Godfrey is quite a cutie.

I can only think of men, mostly. Crichton is good looking, so is John Grisham.

But you can’t missJ.K. Rowling of late, as a friend of mine says, J. K.* Rowr!*

You know, for a writer.

Damn, I never have an original idea.

I agree with your friend… I’d give a magic wand to her Harry Potter, if you know what I mean. :wink:

I always thought that John Grisham

and Michael Crichton

Were both fairly attractive - at least in those photos :slight_smile:

I have a bit of a crush on Michael Shermer. Although he isn’t a novelist.

I’ve always this author was a looker. Too bad the voice box is connected, though.

How about J V Jones?

Sorry, you lose. Outta my thread!


Perhaps he’s a bit old, but I think Peter Matthiessen is quite dreamy, as well as being the coolest person ever, in my not-so-humble opinion.

Maureen Dowd is a definite babe.

I was under the impression that for non-established writers, looks mattered, in the sense that they were part of the marketing presentation for the book. Just as it’s sort of true that succesful pop musicians have to be good-looking, I think it’s also sort of true that authors have to be reasonably good looking.

Maybe Exapno Mapcase can shed some light.

Frank Portman. (He’s the one without the metallic boobs.)

I met him at a book signing at Book Expo–I’m only halfway through his book (King Dork), but I did think he was really cute. If it weren’t totally skeevey, I would so have hit on him.

I think that Ian Rankin is pretty hot. Kinda swarthy looking. I like swarthy.

A second for J.K. Rowling, and an shout-out for Poppy Z. Brite (do a Google Image search).

China Mieville is smoking, in a skinhead-socialist kinda way.

Clive Barker too.

I’ve met Gaiman in person. He is, in fact, a good-looking bloke, and positively dripping with charisma.

I think Donna Tartt (author of The Secret History and The Little Friend) is good-looking.